Publisher Spotlight: PriceSpy

Mattias Sjöblom from PriceSpy, gave Tradedoubler an interview explaining their core business, the difference between them and other price comparison tools, along with the advantages of working with them. He also told us his thoughts about the industry and some interesting fresh news.


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I have been PriceSpy’s affiliate manager for the UK and our Nordic markets for two and a half years. A large part of my work time I devote to revenue management, quality of data and traffic analysis. I also handle all parts of the process of signing up to new programs i.e. getting stores registered on our site and the process of evaluating and developing the affiliate partnerships.


Can you introduce PriceSpy and the core business values/model?

PriceSpy is a fully impartial price and product comparison service. Its mission is to guide consumers to the best purchase decision. We guide our visitors to find the right product for the right price. PriceSpy originates from Sweden, where it all started back in 2002 in a small town called Ängelholm. Now, we are more than 200 employees working in nine different markets worldwide.


How is PriceSpy different than a traditional price comparison partner?

Our aim is to be a complete and unbiased price and product comparison service. We list all the shops and prices that we know of for any single product. We list both the shops that pay us for the traffic we send them (featured shops) as well as the shops that do not. We do not exclude any offers. Shops can opt to be featured which means that we display their logo and link directly to the product.


What would you say are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with PriceSpy?

Our visitors are very close to the purchase decision. Price comparison is performed in the later stage of the purchase decision process and that is where we send through high-quality traffic to our advertisers. We also play a very important role in the earlier stages of the purchase decision, for example through product reviews.


Tell us more about your audience and what types of advertisers do you work best with?

Our users are between 18-65, with 25-44 year old being the most dominant. We are very strong within tech product categories but are growing rapidly in the health & beauty and sports categories. We work with all types of advertisers that sell something we can index into one of our existing product categories.


What is your 2019 vision and what new can we expect from PriceSpy?

We have recently launched our responsive front end (RFE) platform and will continue adding new features to the site during 2019. We are also continuing to experiment with technology including Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence and these will become even more central to our functions in 2019. We already have very interesting projects such as price forecasts where, using ML, we can tell the expected price of a product within a certain time frame.


Where do you think is the price comparison space heading in 2019 and what are the main market disruptions?

The price comparison space will continue its bumpy ride, in one way or another competing with Amazon and Google. However, with the Google Shopping case still going through the EU antitrust case, only time will tell how the wide price comparison space will react. PriceSpy will continue to tackle this by remaining focused on transparency and impartiality for our users.


What do you most enjoy about affiliate marketing?

The fact that we genuinely drive a lot of value to our advertisers, along with the work with evaluating and improving partnerships. On a personal note, I also enjoy the people side of the industry. Interacting with people in meetings, presentations and informal networking.


Is there anything else you’d like our advertisers to know?

PriceSpy will continue to develop its product so that consumers remain armed with all the information they need to make their purchasing decision. Apart from providing high quality feeds with correct price, stock level etc. we also encourage advertisers to implement our review pixel which helps collecting reviews which in turn helps our visitors in the decision-making process.



The Interviewer:

Fatme is a Partnership Development Manager at Tradeboubler UK since September 2018. Being part of the Publisher Team she looks after key publishers and performance. With over 3 years of experience in marketing, Fatme has been exposed to the entire marketing mix and is now applying her knowledge, expertise and strategic approach into developing and optimising Tradedoubler’s top publisher’s portfolio.


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