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The Back-to-School season is a fantastic time to sell as much as possible. Our publisher has every year attractive sales offers and a catchy campaign during this period. Read our interview with Tymoteusz Wiśniowski, COO & Project Owner, to get more information about the first official store with Xiaomi’s devices in Poland.



What’s the story and the business value behind is the the first and to this day the biggest official Xiaomi online store in Poland. The platform, which gives customers access to the brand’s latest technological solutions, has been providing access to top-quality products and special offers for many years. With fast delivery, the possibility to buy products with installments, and several thousand pick-up points, it is the perfect place for every Xiaomi Fan. Constant growth has led to the expansion to Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, where we successfully popularize the products of Xiaomi. While the company has expanded significantly, our services remain strictly customer-centric. Buying on Mi-Home, our customers can always count on an individual and professional approach.

Tell us more about your audience and what types of advertisers do you work best?

Our campaigns target the 18-45 age group, people from large cities, usually men, although we see an increasing buying trend among women. Their main interests are new technologies, our competition (they are looking for a replacement for their current phone), everything related to smartphones, and also smart home appliances. We have the best cooperation with those advertisers who understand our needs and are able to adapt their offers to our needs at the current moment.

What are the main factors in determining which programs to join?

From our point of view, it’s all about tailoring the offer to the requirements and goals we are aiming for at the moment. When we need a strict sales campaign, we don’t want to go into large formats on websites. Yes, they will work on a brand awareness campaign, but in terms of sales they give marginal results. Financial issues are also important, so we always welcome great offers. Last but not least – people. From the first email, we are able to sense who we are dealing with. We value sincerity, openness and the ability to adapt quickly, as many things can change within a few hours.


Back-to-School is a fantastic season to boost sales. How does make this time even better?

As every year for the Back-to-School season, we are working on both an attractive sales offer and a catchy campaign. That is the period when everyone wants to sell as much as possible. So do we – which is why the work has been going on for some time.

What would you say are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with you through the Back-to-School season?

Xiaomi devices have always been very popular with customers. They appreciate the very good price-quality ratio and the ability to build ecosystem solutions that make their homes smart. Working with this type of product is a pleasure on its own – you don’t have to think about how to sell it (customers only want it), just how big the sales results will be.

Do you have special offers for advertisers during this time?

We are open to operate on additional promotional cooperation, including CPM, CPS, and CPC cost-based types of activities, with dedicated deals for the advertisers.

Which strategy has achieved the best results in recent years?

As I mentioned earlier – it all depends on the goal of the campaign. As we focus mainly on sales goals, the best strategies are based on price promotions limited in time and quantity and customer loyalty (offering them bonuses for being with us).

What makes the partnership between Tradedoubler and unique? Especially with a view to the Back-to-School season?

Tradedoubler is staffed by high-class specialists who perfectly match the proposals of activities with our goals. I am sure that the Back-to-School season will be similar.

What do you think has changed in affiliate marketing over the years? And how does use this as an advantage for the upcoming Back-to-School campaigns?

Focus on campaigns on mobile devices, collaborations with influencers, personalized content, and the growing importance of blogs and other non-standard platforms. Our website and campaigns have always supported mobile, so we will constantly move in that direction. As for other trends – we are looking at them and will gradually implement them.


What are the latest trends in the household appliances industry?

First of all, a smart home – means creating with smart appliances (like washing machine, refrigerator, kettle, vacuum cleaner, air purifier) a zone that we can control from any location using only a smartphone. Personalization of appliances is also starting to play a big role – and I’m not talking about phones because we’ve had that for a long time. I mean all kinds of appliances we can freely configure to our needs. And, of course, ecology – but let’s hope it’s not a temporary trend but a long-term action that will become a habit.

What is the development plan for is already present in 6 countries – Poland, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, and we are planning to expand to other CEE countries.

Tymoteusz Wiśniowski
Tymoteusz Wiśniowski, COO & Project Owner

A big thank you to Tymoteusz for this very informative interview!

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