Publisher Spotlight: Le Parisien

Q4 2022 has already started, and our publisher Le Parisien has an exclusive Tradedoubler offer for this sales boosting period. Discover our interview with Marine Deshayes, Head of Affiliation at Le Parisien, to get more information about the second-largest news brand in France.

Le Parisien


Can you introduce yourself in a few lines?

Hi! I’m Marine Deshayes, Head of Affiliation at Parisien Le Guide and Parisien Codes Promo. My experiences as Head of Advertising, Account Manager at affiliate platforms, and Senior Business Developer have built up my expertise in the various affiliate categories over the last 8 years.

What do you mainly have to do at Le Parisien?

My role at Le Parisien consists of responding to all customer issues that drive their projects based on performance (whether sales objectives, lead collection, or account creation). I also manage the team of expert consumer editors at Le Parisien. I am the guarantor of the quality and respect of the editorial charter of the Parisian Le Guide.


Can you tell us about the different offers and your target groups from Le Parisien?

Le Parisien is the second largest news brand* in France, and it brings together 4 out of 10 French people each month, including 47% CSP+. Parisien Le Guide is a vertical of the Parisien group. It supports readers in their daily purchasing decisions on numerous topics, such as high-tech, sport, home, travel, leisure, finance, auto, etc. It promotes its affiliated partner brands thorugh diversified content such as tips, guided selections, promo codes, lead generation, and even live shopping. Our teams are mobilized to best respond to the various problems of customers and readers. Our strong reactivity is our strength by putting a device online in less than 48 hours.

*Sources: ACPM – ONE NEXT GLOBAL 2022 S1 BRAND 30 D LE PARISIEN – Coverage 39% on Ens15+

Marine Deshayes Le Parisien
Marine Deshayes, Head of Affiliation at Le Parisien

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Le Parisien infographic
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