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Discover our latest publisher spotlight, an interview with Joakim Fatih, Sales Manager of the Agency France team at Criteo! Criteo is the inventor of retargeting and DCO technology. Now, it has expanded its offer to provide agencies and advertisers the ability to activate the largest Shopper database in the world!



Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Joakim Fatih, the Sales Manager within the Agency team of Criteo (France). I joined Criteo at the beginning of 2022 and support agencies and independent partners.

Can you introduce Criteo to us?

Historically, Criteo is the inventor of retargeting and DCO technology, which allows advertisers to retarget their potential customers with the most relevant products based on their online browsing and transactional journey.

Today, Criteo has expanded its offering to enable agencies and advertisers to activate the largest shopper database in the world (+€900 billion in analysed transaction data per year thanks to our connection to more than 22,000 merchants around the world) to effectively identify their future customers and set up ROI advertising campaigns that achieve their goals throughout the conversion funnel, from awareness to conversion.

Today, Criteo is present internationally in nearly 90 countries. We can be activated in the majority of European countries, in North America, and in the main markets in South America, Asia, and Africa.

What are the different solutions offered by Criteo?


What types of advertisers do you work best with?

There is no particular specificity for working with Criteo. Obviously, we have a great deal of expertise in sectors such as retail, travel, and leisure, as these are sectors where most of the decision-making process, as well as the act of buying, takes place online. Therefore, we have a better knowledge of the navigational and transactional behavior of users and more granularity in terms of targeting these sectors.

Nevertheless, we also support many players from very different sectors such as banking and insurance, health, energy, or education on their Branding objectives, generation of qualified traffic or conversions (online sales, making appointments, downloading applications, etc.).


What are the benefits of partnering with Criteo for advertisers?

To put it simply, Criteo offers advertisers to support them on their Full funnel strategy by activating the largest Shopper database in the world in order to identify their prospects among 2.5 billion shopper profiles in the world thanks to different targeting options.

These different targeting strategies, detailed in the infographic above, can be activated on all of our Awareness (VOL, branding display) and Consideration (qualified traffic generation on-site, in-store, etc.) systems. In total, more than 35 billion events and more than 300 signals per user will be processed and analyzed by our algorithm in order to best identify the most engaged audiences for our customers.

Ultimately, the objective is to be able to re-engage these intentional audiences, who would not have converted, with retargeting devices optimized for conversion. These Full funnel strategies will provide a complete view of the conversion journey of new visitors to the site, as well as an ROI on each stage of this journey.

On our retargeting devices, the DCO Criteo technology, which allows us to highlight the most relevant products for each user according to their navigation, will boost our performance by nearly 200% compared to traditional retargeting campaigns.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

To begin with, unlike the various “walled gardens” on the market, Criteo is a player in the Open Internet and focuses its activity on this universe. Today, 80% of shoppers say they first search the internet for information about a brand or product they want to buy.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the way Criteo works with data. Indeed, if Meta offers audiences based on declarative data and the likes of users of its various platforms, or if Google Ads relies on search information, Criteo will focus on the data shopper, as I have already explained. We are talking about Commerce Media, a new approach to online advertising to target shoppers throughout their shopping journey and help advertisers boost their results.

That is why today, the actor who would come closest to a Criteo would undoubtedly be Amazon because it also relies on the commercial data of its users to set up advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, Criteo, with its connection to more than 22,000 eCommerce partners, is currently twice as powerful in terms of reach or volume of data analyzed.


What does your partnership with Tradedoubler involve?

The idea of our collaboration with Tradedoubler is simply to offer advertisers working with Tradedoubler the ability to activate Criteo’s solutions in a reactive and simple way, taking advantage of various advantages:

· Quick technical implementations, made easier by the expertise of the Tradedoubler teams and by the Tradedoubler Container tag which simplifies technical implementations.

· Preferential media purchase costs negotiated in advance with Tradedoubler.


What are your different offers for merchants who want to boost their income for the end of the year (Christmas, Winter sales)?

The holiday season is traditionally a busy time at Criteo. Between Cyber Month, the Christmas holidays, and the Winter Sales, the period is crucial for many retail players.

Year after year, the share of purchases made online over this period is increasing. Therefore, we have strong expertise in the decision-making process and buying behaviour of internet users during the Christmas season, which is the expertise we want advertisers to benefit from.

In particular, we offer different targeting linked to the various highlights of the end of the year. For example, our Christmas Buyers audiences will identify users engaged during the Christmas shopping season of last year. Our Discount Lovers audience will allow us to activate the most engaged users during the various promotional events of the year, such as Black Friday or the sales. These Behavioral audiences, which we can refine with other shoppers, socio-demo, or contextual filters, are performing very well in this period!

Joakim Fatih - Criteo

Joakim Fatih, Sales Manager of the Agency France team at Criteo

Many thanks to Joakim for this interview!

Do you want to establish a partnership with Criteo? Don`t hesitate to contact us >>

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