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Discover our new Publisher Spotlight: An Interview with Bernardo Marucci, Senior Account Manager at BravoPromo (Bravo Savings Network), an essential partner in the couponing market to significantly increase your conversion rate during Christmas & Winter Sales!

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

IsHello, my name is Bernardo Marucci, and I work as Senior Account Manager FR & BE at Bravo Savings Network. I have been in the Affiliate Marketing business since 2009 and joined Bravo in 2019 after a long experience in France, between Paris and Bordeaux. I have dedicated the last two years to the development of the French market and will now take on the position of EU Sales Manager to support the growth of the group on an international scale.

Can you introduce BravoPromo? was launched in 2016 to help consumers spot the best deals available and earn money on their online purchases. is the French subsidiary of the Bravo Savings Network group, active in 8 other European countries (IT, UK, DE, AT, ES, BE, PL, NL) and in the United States.

Imane and Léonie, within the Sales team, support me in managing commercial relationships. Moreover, our Content team is responsible for putting all the editorial content online and for the various operations validated by the Sales side.

With the help of the Tech, SEO, and Marketing departments, we work hard to ensure a good experience and reliable service to our users and results that meet the expectations of all of our advertisers.

In terms of results, we recorded + 30 % conversions over the first 11 months of 2021 compared to 2020, which had already been an exceptional year, as all e-marketers know very well! In addition, our average basket (all categories combined) went from € 63 to € 76. We can take the example of the Home & Garden category, where the AOV went from € 203 to € 238!

Tell us more about your audience and what types of advertisers do you work best with?

We reference advertisers in many industries. With an audience composed of 63.5% women and 52% under 34, the most sought-after products for our Internet users this year were Fashion, followed by Home & Garden and Beauty. Unsurprisingly, more than 80% of our users use their smartphone or tablet to click on our offers.

Do advertisers need anything specific to work with BravoPromo? What are the benefits for advertisers working with BravoPromo?

While it is not essential to provide promotional, exclusive, or generic codes, it is probably the most effective way to meet the expectations of our target audience. It is also a real plus for increasing CTR and achieving a high conversion rate.

Beyond the availability of codes and offers that may grab the attention of our users, we strive to provide advertisers with a variety of opportunities that best match their communications and marketing strategies.

We are ready to advise our clients and offer customized packages, with the placements and positioning most likely to increase the traffic and the number of conversions generated.

The daily work of our SEO team ensures not only quality content but also the ability to attract and redirect relevant traffic. In this sense, users who land on our site and then on the advertiser site are genuinely interested in the products or services offered by the brand. That helps to increase our conversion rate significantly.

What makes you different from your competitors?

Our international presence and the fact to have teams dedicated to each market allow us to have a global vision of the affiliate landscape. Our strength is to combine this panoramic vision with the specific knowledge of each market.

That allows us to respond optimally to requests with “multi-country” promotions, especially when advertisers would like to communicate across several countries in a given period.

Another major element that differentiates us from our competitors is our “green” initiatives, linked to the subjects of sustainability and ecology.

Thanks to our partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project (an NGO that employs local staff in different regions of the world for reforestation operations), we organise campaigns throughout the year to preserve our ecosystem of the planet. The most important of these events is happening right now! That is Green Friday, an initiative that runs from Black Friday until Christmas, where we plant a tree for every transaction made on our sites. With over 360,000 trees planted, we are a certified “Sapling Partners”, and we will be “adopting” the Marereni and Kurawa region in Kenya.

What are your different offers for merchants who want to boost their income during the Xmas/ Winter Sales?

We have an extra page and newsletters for the Christmas deals for advertisers who want to highlight their offers even at the end of the year after Black Friday.

However, the Green Friday page will allow advertisers to reach an audience that is ever more sensitive to “green” themes while being involved in a purchasing process leading to the planting of trees, and therefore having a positive impact on the planet.

What are your upcoming novelties? Any exciting plans coming up in the next 12 months that you’d like to share?

This year, we have celebrated the opening of a new head office in the United States, the launch of three new areas (targeting Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria), and the overhaul of all the sites of the group.

Next year, we will consolidate our growth at an international level and look seriously at opening new markets…

We will also be offering new placements on our site, inside category pages. Not to mention our brand-new template for weekly newsletters!

For more information about Bravopromo and everything we do,
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Bernardo Marucci from BravoPromo
Bernardo Marucci, Senior Account Manager at BravoPromo

A big thank you goes to Bernardo for this great Interview!

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