Publisher Spotlight: Bantoa

Bantoa is a strong partner for the Tradedoubler Italy performance marketing campaigns. It’s the first assisted shopping platform for women, men, and children in this frenetic online shopping world! Asmina Alicajic – Head of Partnership at Bantoa – tells us everything about this service and the value of the partnership with Tradedoubler.



Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello everybody, I’m Asmina, and I’m Head of Partnership at Bantoa. I take care of selecting the Brand Partners to be included in Bantoa platform by creating an editorial positioning through custom campaigns to ensure direct interaction with our community.

What’s the story and the core business value behind Bantoa?

Bantoa is a reference platform for fashion addicts. The inspirational character expressed through the creation and sharing of outfit content becomes a powerful creative tool for online shopping. In particular:

· The user creates content, lets himself be inspired, and directly buys the products he likes the most.

· The brand partner takes advantage of an editorial positioning that enhances the products and generates leads & sales.

Furthermore, Bantoa is a platform in continuous evolution – we never stop! This year, we opened the doors to the Beauty market, and we activated a big sustainability project. With the Bantoa Green Project, we are starting a path of community awareness through the enhancement of the green projects of our partners.

What are the advantages when an advertiser starts a partnership with Bantoa?

The integration with a partner solution like that of Tradedoubler, on the one hand, strengthens the eCommerce channel: greater visibility, qualified leads, and sales.

And on the other hand, the content generated directly by users enhances the product in an editorial framework, while the Bantoa campaign offers direct and targeted pushes.

Summer Sales

Summer sales are an exciting time of year for the fashion business. How does Bantoa make this time even better?

The Summer Sales are one of the best performing moments of the year, every time we propose a specially designed campaign for a limited number of partners.

Do you have special offers for Advertisers during the summer sales?

The Summer Sale campaign offers an exclusive positioning during the period involved. The idea is to enhance the active promos of the partners through the involvement of the community, providing an exclusive guide for summer sales shopping further strengthened and accompanied by editorial content. Each Bantoa campaign involves the creation of editorial content, sharing, and push on & off site (dem, notifications and social activities) to create a valuable experience for the user and for the partner.

What kinds of products and deals resonate with your audience, the best during the summer sales?

Bantoa has over 2M users and offers the ability to create highly targeted personalized content. Bantoa outfits are a total look, so they allow infinite combinations of styles, always guaranteeing a product/user match and for each partner its perfect target audience.

What makes the options of Bantoa unique for summer sales?

The sales period is often stressful for the user: he is overwhelmed by promos, sometimes annoying, and maybe counterproductive for the seller. With the Bantoa campaign, we provide a guide to the sales with custom carts, target communications, editorial content in line with the season that inspires and excites the user, facilitating the choice and the purchase.

What would you say are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with Bantoa during the summer sales?

We strongly believe that brands have the opportunity to interact with a highly profiled community, communicate offers through a valuable positioning, and take advantage of personalised/targeted pushes.

What was the successful summer sales strategy of Bantoa in the past years?

Our summer sale campaigns were always successfull, thanks to limited slots we have offered to brands for the duration of the campaign and the exclusivity of positioning. This year, thanks to the release of the new version of Bantoa and new available placements, we expect even better-performing results.

Asmina Alicajic Bantoa
Asmina Alicajic, Head of Partnership at Bantoa

A big thank you to Asmina from Bantoa for this very informative interview. We are looking forward to a further great partnership!

Do you want to establish a partnership with Bantoa during the summer sales? Get in touch with us now >>

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