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Publisher Newsletter – July 2016

Dear publisher,

In this month’s newsletter you will find all the top summer offers from our advertisers as well as details of our recent program launches.

In addition to this, we have our latest research on cross device tracking to share with you…

Cookies don’t cut it anymore. They can’t be relied on when tracking mobile sales or when a customer moves between devices. Without a cross-device solution in place, sales are missed or incorrectly assigned.

The inability to accurately track purchases that occur on multiple devices effectively is holding back mobile ecommerce. Sales are occurring on mobile devices and advertisers are making money, but they don’t have an accurate understanding of how these sales are generated and the device on which they are converting. This makes it impossible to evaluate the ROI of channel and device performance and inform future marketing spend.

Cross-device tracking is essential technology for any customer-centric marketer who wants to accurately track consumer purchase behaviour, and correctly assign sales to the devices and channels on which they converted.

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