Tradedoubler releases additional functionalities to Publisher Interface and Publisher API

New features to the Publisher Interface released in September include simplified account management, multiple user access and new reports. They enable publishers to work even more efficiently and access information in real time to make better business decisions. The API for publisher functionalities is now publicly available and allows publishers to integrate with own internal systems, connect with tools or build and develop own business streams.


New features to Publisher Interface:

Simplified Account Management

We made it easier to add account information and change payment providers. We have also restricted access so only the publisher ‘Owner’ can change this information.


Multiple user access

As publisher businesses have evolved the need for multiple logins with various roles have become key for our publishers. Fraud and audit risks mean it’s important to see which employee made any changes or limit access to junior members of staff.


Publisher administrators can now fully edit user access rights:

  • Create multiple accounts for each of their users working on the Tradedoubler interface
  • Each user is given a role which determines what level of access they have in the publisher account – from read-only to full admin rights like changing bank details


New reports

Publishers get a clear vision of program performance (commission, clicks, leads or sales) for multiple programs over time:

  • Matrix 2-axis report: program performance per day
  • Coloration related to program performance
  • 1-dashboard view for all programs on a specific date range


Publisher API

The Publisher API is the integral part of our Open Platform vision enabling our customers to easily work with us by connecting to our systems. This release is a big milestone as the API allows publishers to do anything they can do via an UI, programmatically by an API.


The following new features in the UI are now available:

  • Ads: Getting a real-time list of available ads
  • Managing websites/apps (we’ve grouped them and called them sources)
  • Programs: Getting a real-time list of available programs and applying by API as well as getting updates on program application status
  • User management: Manage users on your account, potentially sync to your internal user account (i.e. when a user leaves the business automatically delete their account in the Tradedoubler interface)
  • Reporting: New reporting suite simplifies the previous report API
  • Get full access to payments and import into your backend. See what you will get paid on the next payment run and why any payments are blocked


The full documentation of the Publisher API is now available at

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