Prepare for Valentine’s Day now!


Valentine’s Day on February 14th  is approaching quickly, so it’s time to get ready now! As we already noted from previous Shopping events, consumers think about shopping for them a few days earlier. As you can see in the below graph,  last-minute shopping slightly increased in 2019 compared to 2018. Looking at order value per day, February 10th and 11th showed the biggest increase. We also noticed a second spike on February 13th.


Valentines 18vs19


All in all, Valentine’s Day 2019 was extremely successful for Tradedoubler in Europe! During the 2 weeks before February 14th, we saw a growth in order value of 35% YOY, number of sales even increased by 49% YOY! The conversion rate improved significantly in 2019 and reached 2.6%!


KPI Valentines


Interesting fact: Even though both AOV and Smartphone AOV slightly dropped compared to 2018, Smartphone AOV with 70 Euro was higher than overall AOV with just 68 Euro!


How did flowers perform


Looking at flower programs at Tradedoubler we saw a growth in order value of 14% YOY. AOV and Smartphone AOV were on a similar level of 35 Euro. An interesting observation here is the outstanding conversion rate of 18.3 % and a very high mobile sales rate of over 45%!

KPI flowers


Flowers most definitely have a different timing:

Based on our data from February 2019 from large flower brands across Europe, flower shopping is mostly executed a few days earlier than Valentine’s Day. Starting on the 11th of February, the OV for flowers reached its peak on February 13th.


Flower OV2


Power shoppers came from Poland


Looking at the share of OV by country of the global OV, Poland held the largest share of 22% of the total generated OV, followed by the UK (21%) and France (13%).

The top performing country for Valentine’s Day 2019 in terms of growth rates was Poland with an increase in order value of +96% YOY, followed by Spain with +30%. AOV was the highest in the UK with 150 EUR followed by the Netherlands with 113 EUR.


Share of OV valentines


Tips for your Valentine’s campaign:


We’ve put a few tips and ideas together for Valentine’s Day to help you make the most out of it!

  • Look at introducing your Valentine’s Day themes into the marketing mix in early February to take advantage of those organized shoppers.
  • Do consider running campaigns to capture those last-minute shoppers as well and try highlighting the latest delivery dates options to increase the urgency to purchase.
  • Optimize your mobile presence and take advantage of on-the-go purchases.


Time to start planning your Valentine’s Day campaign – time is flying!

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