PI Live 2018: Highlights

On 15th and 16th of October, the world-leading meeting point for performance marketers took place at Old Billingsgate, a building from 1850 that used to be a world-famous fish market. The event had over 2,500 international attendees, including networks, advertisers, publishers and agencies, for the two-day event to catch up with performance marketing and influencer marketing recent updates, PI Live provided a fantastic two days of insightful content and networking opportunities.

Tradedoubler was a headline sponsor at this year’s PI Live and the show came after a period where we have made significant headway in many areas. During the two day event, our stand was lively with many meetings taking place with clients, publishers and partners.

As building and growing relations is our lifeblood and our key expertise for almost 20 years, and we always intend to create an environment to engage, network and advise advertisers and publishers, we were pleased to offer the opportunity for some of our partners to showcase their brand.  It was fantastic to share the space with Insider, Global Savings Group, Soreto and Arvato.

Insider is a Growth Management Platform that helps digital marketers drive growth across the funnel, from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue. Insider simplifies the life of digital marketers and helps them drive growth for their brands, with zero marketing waste.


Global Savings Group is a PubTech platform for Commerce Content operating 100+ digital assets with the world’s leading publishers, helping them to monetise by delivering products, recommendations, deals and discounts to millions of customers.



Soreto is a referral marketing and social sharing technology that leverages the power of your existing customers to acquire new ones. Soreto turns customers into brand ambassadors and harnesses word-of-mouth marketing in a simple, trackable and scalable way.


Arvato is an international service provider, they design and implement innovative solutions. Their offering includes affiliate marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, and enhanced customer journey tracking.


Tradedoubler has always stood for its highly reliable, robust and secure technology that enables advertisers and publishers to grow significantly through relevant business partnerships. With great excitement, we showcased our brand-new interface which has been fully redesigned to empower our clients with an enhanced user experience and a fresh look, creating an intuitive platform which will make it easier to build relevant connections and drive growth of our clients’ programs.

Reports and charts are both visually appealing and arranged to improve access to need to know the information to save time and help decision making. Our powerful data analysis technology will also provide better insights as the platform been built to incorporate predictive forecasting.

PI Live was also a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our business intelligence and user journey platforms and discuss Tradedoubler plans for 2019 and outline how we intend to improve our technology and services for the year to come.

The show’s sessions were also a great opportunity to catch up on future projects, network and learn about the latest trends and best practices in the industry. We’ve put some of our favourite sessions here:

Day 1 Highlights

Influencing (Very) Different Generations

Dr. Geraint Evans, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Global Interim, gave an interesting session about important aspects to consider when planning a marketing campaign.

Planning and executing great marketing campaigns can be difficult when considering limited budgets, extensive competition, and many new platforms launching regularly. It can be especially harder when taking into consideration customers audience and behavioural factors.

During his session, Evans considered many different aspects and gave many curious facts such as: 10% of the young generation would rather lose a finger than their smartphone or that young adult are more likely to multi-task on their smartphones while they commute: 27% of 18-34s engage in at least five online activities while commuting, but only 9% of over-35s do so.

It is also important having in mind that most people check their smartphone even before getting up in the morning, when their head is fresh and more likely to absorb information, all this information needs to be taken in consideration when planning a marketing campaign, as in the end, all age groups are influenced by smartphones.

Unlocking Your Creativity: 3 Ways to Have Amazing Ideas

Shed SimoveEntrepreneur, Author and a leading motivational speaker gave an entertaining and insightful talk about 3 ways he uses to unlock the true power of the brain and the creative potential. He is an expert in ideas and shared some of his experiences and trials.

He told the audience about how he managed to change his name to God for a few months, as part of an experiment but had to change his name back in order to keep his bank account. It was great to hear how he gets inspiration, for example, he used emojis to create a plaster with them and used ‘in case of emojency ’ on the packing. Shed also highlighted the importance to experiment and twist things around in order to leverage the brain creativity. Out of Happy Birthday candles, he created candles with messages like ’40 – ish’, ’21 again’ or ‘you’re old’.

To resume, you can make a solution out of every problem, ideas come from everywhere so treat your life as an experiment and distort and twist things around you!

Day 2 Highlights

From the Camera to Conversion, how AR is a new reality for Performance Marketing

On day 2, David Norris from Snapchat talked about the growing importance of the camera in the way people capture and communicate their lives, and the opportunity that he now provides to brands and agencies to embrace the camera as a new, flexible and powerful media channel.

You Are The Creative Agency

Following on, at the main stage hosted by Jules Lund, the founder of Tribe, turned the audience into a creative agency. In his inimitable and entertaining style, Jules delved into a vision where customers will be able to supply the creative for multi-channel brand campaigns by simply pulling their devices from their pockets – and with the help of the audience, show how this can happen.

The Changing of the Performance Marketing Funnel

Later on still on the main stage, Chris Russell-Smith, Tradedoubler UK Country Manager, moderated a very insightful panel, representing all sides of the industry, about the Changing of the Performance Marketing Funnel.

The panel have seen industry experts including Mike Fisher – Direct to Consumer E-commerce Manager at PhilipsMarc Vallverdú – Managing Director UK at Global Savings GroupMatt Brown – Head of Affiliates at Greenlight Digital and David Ayre – Country Manager at SmarterClick taking part in a lively discussion

Throughout the session, the panellists talked about why the industry needs to pay more attention and support customer retention and why marketers must now own the complete journey, pre-purchase and post-purchase stages, of the customer lifecycle. They mentioned the importance of leveraging business intelligence platforms that allow marketers to combat data blindness and give more insights on performance, especially if you don’t know how to react to a metric when it significantly increases or decreases.

It was also discussed that new marketing funnel is composed by multi-channel, multi-touch, multi-path customer journeys, therefore marketers must now own the complete journey, not just cherry-pick touchpoints along the way.

Chris said ‘Being able to moderate such insightful panel with remarkable people, at the industry’s biggest event was thrilling, I feel pleased for the opportunity’.

Young Digital Disruptor

One of the day 2 highlight was also the Digital Disruptors “Dragons’ Den” Final, which saw the next generation of digital entrepreneurs pitched their creative to the show’s very own “dragons” including Ed Couchman of SnapRob Berrisfordfrom ButtonSri Sharma from Increasingly and The Drum’s Sonoo Singh.

We were very pleased to hear about the fresh and exciting, digitally disruptive ideas from the 4 finalists’ teams who were competing to win the McShane Young Digital Disruptor Award which was set up in memory of Nicky McShane, one of our industry’s best-loved digital marketers with the aim to inspire the next generation of digital marketers.

The program saw 40 London based teenagers the opportunity to work first-hand with performance marketing experts and showcase their own creative thinking and innovation through the challenge of ‘how they would use digital to bring together your community”.

It was Team Look Out, with Katie Nyarko and Zion Simpson, who created an app allowing users to flag any areas of danger to their friends and alert them if they are in urgent need of help.

See you in 2019!

We hope you had a great time and enjoyed it as much as we did. If you want to continue the conversation or know more about what we can help you achieve growth, please contact us at sales.uk@tradedoubler.com

Thank you, everybody, who came and visited the Tradedoubler stand at this year’s PI Live. We’re so pleased to have been part of this event and we are already counting down to seeing you next year.

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