Philips Product Demonstration

On 16th May, we hosted a Product Demo at our London office. The team at Philips have provided their publishers with an update on Philips Store, brand and objective before demonstrating their products. Publishers and Tradedoubler staff were invited to test each and every product, from personal care products such as face shavers and electric toothbrushes to household products like irons and cooking vacuum cleaners. Following the presentation, publishers were invited to take part in a short Q&A and get a chance to get back to the office with some amazing products.

Check out some pictures from the Philips Product Demonstration day:

Publishers feedback

                                                                                                                                                                   Yasmeen Lubbock, Savoo


“It’s actually quite refreshing for a merchant to present to a publisher rather than the other way round.  Love the passion of the people at Philips as well – I guess you don’t work for a brand for 18 years unless they are doing something right though?! In terms of usefulness, I think it will help me update their merchant date by putting product specific offers for their trending products.  I’m also going to ask the content team to re-work the content on the Philips page.  For Savoo we would love access to rights when we have exclusive codes where possible but I do understand we have to ‘battle it out’ a little with some of our competitors.  Now I just need to go and Philips my own life, ha! I was particularly taken by the fryer and the iron!! ”

                                                             Leanne Glossop, Quidco


“Really enjoyed the day, it was very informative and really nice to get grips with some of the products that maybe I wouldn’t have even looked at before. Is it possible for you to share your presentation so I have it for future reference? I don’t really know how I would have improved the day, except it maybe did feel a little rushed, but I am aware that we started quite late so it could have been due to this. Overall though, extremely pleased I attended, thank you so much for inviting me.”

                                                         Jake Hodgkiss, Topcashback


“Thanks for the invite, myself and Jacob really enjoyed the day  It was great to hear from the TD team and Phillips, who were really passionate about their brand and products! I think it was a really engaging way of getting publishers more involved with the brand and giving them an understanding of Phillips objectives and key dates for the rest of the year. Would have been great if we had time for the quiz, but not to worry!”   

                                                      James Coogles, Dealmoon


“Great morning event guys! You were all amazing! Please pass on my thanks to the Philips team for making it a highly engaging session. If possible would be great for our editors to see a copy of the Philips presentation think it would be beneficial for them if you could ask the team.”


Client feedback


Mike Fisher, Philips


“It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Tradedoubler and showcase the extensive Philips product range directly to our publishers.  We took the chance to enhance our relationships across the network as well as providing an update on Philips affiliate programme. The Tradedoubler team have done a fantastic job at organising the event, and we are confident it will lead to more exciting opportunities in the future with our publishers.“

Tradedoubler was very happy to be hosting Philips Product Demo day and to have the opportunity to bring publishers and Philips together as well as having the opportuning to discover the latest Philips range of products. The day was really information for everyone and it provided insights that wouldn’t be possible over email. Thank you to Philips, and the publishers who attend the event.

Philips Product Demo Day is just one example of how Tradedoubler support advertisers. We make a collection of events through the year, bringing advertisers and publishers together and would love to host similar events again the future. If you are an advertiser and would like to demo some of your products, please get in touch with your client management team at Tradedoubler.


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