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Almost 10 years of PAYBACK’s cooperation with Tradedoubler has resulted in order value of more than a billion zloty (ca. 230 Mio. EUR) generated for dozens of online shops. All this thanks to affiliate technology, which incentivizes buyers to start shopping on the Programme’s website or in the Programme’s mobile application by rewarding participants with PAYBACK points.

PAYBACK has cooperated with Tradedoubler since the Programme was first launched on the Polish market. The first billion zloty of turnover generated for PAYBACK affiliates is the result of both partners’ strong commitment. Currently, the shops included in the Tradedoubler network include such renowned names as Allegro, RTV Euro AGD, Media Expert, OBI, Orange, NJU Mobile, Philips, Bonprix, Reserved, and more than 60 others.


“When we started cooperating with the PAYBACK Programme 10 years ago, affiliate marketing was still an obscure online marketing technique in Poland. After all that time, however, we can confidently say that it has proved a hit. PAYBACK is one of our most important business partners – it has not only strengthened our publisher network, but has also developed a completely new and unique model for technological cooperation. As a result, today we can proudly announce that we have jointly generated the first billion in turnover for our advertisers”, said Łukasz Szymula, Country Manager CEE & Poland at Tradedoubler.


Interestingly, half of this turnover has been achieved in the last two and a half years. This shows the rapid development of the e-commerce industry during that period and the considerable importance of efficient technological cooperation with publishers.



“In cooperation with Tradedoubler, we are generating additional sales for online shops. Baskets are growing, people are shopping more frequently and we are gaining new customers – and these are just some of the benefits we can offer to shops by working together. Campaigns such as ‘Mega Weekend’, ‘Turbo Wednesday’ and also thematic campaigns which provide significant boosts to the number of points earned are currently very popular among Programme participants, which has also led to an increase in turnover. We are very pleased with the results we have achieved so far in cooperation with Tradedoubler – and with the first billion in turnover generated for online shops. Recently, the rate of growth of joint activities has been impressive and I hope that in a few months’ time we will be able to announce another billion in turnover”, said Robert Olędzki, Digital Business Director at PAYBACK Polska.


PAYBACK and Tradedoubler are also helping their affiliates in times of the current pandemic by, among other things, maintaining a dedicated #ZAPPunktujwdomu (#scoreathome) section with up-to-date information on initiatives and promotions at selected online shops.

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