Tradedoubler joins forces with Winamaz to increase market affiliation reach

For the past few months, the Winamaz team has been working tirelessly to integrate platforms and advertisers for new and existing regions. +200 advertiser product feeds are already integrated.

In addition, as we add/expand in new countries and regions, our users will be able to request access to advertisers not yet available and we will integrate them wherever possible.

As part of this expansion, Winamaz is pleased at announce the addition of Tradedoubler to its platforms with an initial focus on integrating advertisers in the UK and France.

It’s still early days but we already have the first UK Advertisers in place with many more in the pipelines.

About Winamaz and Tradedoubler

Designed by an affiliate for affiliatesWinamaz’s multi-lingual and multi-regional price comparison solution for content site publishers is easy use and includes: a vast choice of advertisers; product search functionality combined with built-in templates to automatically present product(s); automated price updates and much more.


Examples of product boxes with Tradedoubler Advertisers

Tradedoubler is the perfect affiliate market platform partner to extend Winamaz’s reach.  A leading international digital marketing company, Tradedoubler’s platform includes access to 2,000+ leading brands with over 180,000 connected publishers from all over the world.

Their platform combines: Reliable tracking and commission payments anywhere in the world; in-house expertise for managing performance-based campaigns and robust tools and reporting to streamline day-to-day programme management activities to drive higher conversion.


Winamaz: The benefits for the different market affiliation players

Market affiliation is about getting traffic to your sites and monetising those visits through affiliate links- google plays a large part in how successful you are at this and part of what they are now looking for from publishers is the provision of more options to purchase a product: “Include links to multiple sellers to give the reader the option to purchase from their merchant of choice”.

This is what Winamaz does and is not something that advertisers should be afraid of. It’s a fact that consumers want purchasing options, so ensure that you are one of the choices available.


For Tradedoubler

Visibility and choice are the key words: editors using the Winamaz plugin can see not only that the platform is available but also the list of associated advertisers. They can then go through Tradedoubler to request access to the platform and any feeds of interest, providing Tradedoubler with new affiliate opportunities.

Winamaz developed the connection to the Tradedoubler platform and is now in the process of gradually integrating their product feeds by requesting access to advertiser affiliation programmes.


For Winamaz

Winamaz can extend its portfolio of product feeds thanks to Tradedoubler’s rich directory and assistance in contacting advertisers – increasing the overall value-add of the plugin to new and existing users.


For Advertisers

· They remain the decision-makers in their choice of affiliates: publishers using Winamaz must have their sites validated by each Advertiser in the usual way to access the feeds.

· New revenue opportunities are created as advertiser products are displayed alongside some of the largest e-merchants, displaying pricing and direct links to purchase. Buyers want choice!

· Winamaz can increase visibility of advertiser products present in the flows thanks to the search functionality, which returns the list of all advertisers selling a specific product.


For Publishers

· Available in WP plugin and API versions, all types and sizes of editor can find a solution to fit their needs.  It is installed and configured in a few clicks.

· The refined search functionality and customisable display templates, makes it childs play to present and compare products that are kept up-to-date automatically.


· By being able to search for, present, compare and update products from multiple advertisers in just a few simple clicks, publishers can boost their affiliate revenue by bringing traffic to their sites, providing visitors with choice and ensuring purchases are instigated from their website through their tracked links.

· To top it off Winamaz provides high-class customer service ensuring efficient responses to questions, issues and requests for advice.  Should an editor need access to a feed we don’t yet have, we will do all we can to integrate it for them.

For more information on Winamaz and Tradedoubler, please contact us here >>

To celebrate their partnership, Tradedoubler customers can benefit from 20% off all Winamaz Plugin annual license fees. – Request your coupon by email now!

Contact Winamaz to get the 20% code >>
Contact Tradedoubler to get the 20% code >>

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