Affiliate marketing with a partner management solution

Usually, there are three players in affiliate marketing: publisher, advertiser, and affiliate network. If you want to work with a partner management solution, you can run your partner programs on your own with the technology of a leading network.

Now we have the perfect technology for you. Find out what our white-label solution can do!

Tradedoubler PVN – Your perfect partner management solution

Tradedoubler PVN is a unique white label solution from Tradedoubler. It is a private network that connects publishers and advertisers on the same central platform. With Tradedoubler PVN, we provide you with the possibility of managing as many advertisers and publishers as you want directly through one platform.

You can manage all your partner programs through one solution, which saves a lot of time and gives you an overview of all your statistics because you can manage all your activities through Tradedoubler PVN. It also gives you an overview of all your statistics from your customers but also individual statistics per advertiser, program, or publisher.

The private network was launched by the leading international affiliate network Tradedoubler and comes with all the necessary resources to connect advertisers and publishers. The needed transparency is there, which is very important, especially in affiliate marketing. In order to make improvements in the partner program quickly and easily, every user has access to real-time reporting, which shows the success very well. Improved sales attributions also help to make the affiliate program even more successful. In addition, each Tradedoubler PVN user receives a technical account manager who will always inform you about new features and help you to set up your network.

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Keep in mind: We are launching our new PVN platform with new features in September, so stay tuned next month!

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