Start your customised Valentine’s Day campaign with the Offer Tool from metapic

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This also means that the purchasing power of our consumers will increase, as many people want to give their loved ones a gift. Therefore, it is even more essential for advertisers to launch a suitable campaign. The efficient Offer Tool from metapic helps you build a link between your brand and extend your reach to generate a successful campaign.

The Offer Tool from metapic

The offer tool allows you to manage your internal brand goals efficiently. You as a brand can decide if you want to grow your target audience or switch to a niche one as well as manage their context. We distinguish between two types of campaign, the public campaign, and the exclusive campaign.

Within the public campaign, every metapic influencer has the opportunity to participate. When logging in, influencers are presented news and updates of certain brands which they can choose to generate content with. This facilitates their content creation and aims to establish authentic content that is expected by their communities. Public campaigns therefore enable a brand to maximise their reach via user-generated content and word-of-mouth recommendations. It is a kick start for your brand to gain awareness and establish the desired brand image at the correct time.

However, it is different with the exclusive campaign, where certain influencers must first apply to participate in the campaign. That allows you as a brand to carefully select suitable influencers according to individual criteria, as the product or event can only be promoted after the selection process. Hence, exclusive campaigns go even more niche and promise to reach specific individuals.  It is particularly suitable for brands that want to reach a specific target audience with minimal effort.

In general, the offer tool from metapic is an efficient tool that advertisers can use to create suitable campaigns in a user-friendly way, as your promotions, offers, products or services can be presented to their target groups by metapic influencers. In addition, as always, metapic gives you transparent performance insights and genuine statistics to evaluate your next campaign!

Use your opportunity for Valentine’s Day

It has been proven that 46.5% always give material gifts on Valentine’s Day and don’t want to do without them. Trips to Paris (34 %) or Venice (25 %) are also popular gifts that are particularly worthwhile in the current early booking season.

offer tool metapic - Valentine's Day

So, what used to be a trend from the US with flowers and sweets is now the chance for advertisers to promote their products via metapic. Start now a successful campaign with the help of the offer tool and get everything out of the Day of Love. We are happy to assist you >>

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