Metapic looks back at a very successful 2018


Metapic, the popular platform for product recommendations, that Tradedoubler had acquired in 2017, is looking back at a very successful year 2018. The platform originates in Sweden, where they started to collaborate with multiple large publishers within influencer and premium lifestyle media.


One and a half years after the acquisition, the platform has been successfully rolled out in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Norway, Denmark and Finland. A total of 1.000+ high quality advertisers are now integrated in the Metapic system in all markets, which means a triplication of the number of available advertisers since the acquisition. That implies that influencers now have easy access to more than 5 million products across all markets and can earn extra money through authentic content integration.


Great case studies like the following demonstrate the opportunities that advertisers have by cooperating with Metapic. One of the largest fashion labels in Sweden ran an influencer campaign during one month in fall 2018 on Instagram and blogs creating impressive results:

Total number of unique visitors: 11,500
Total number of sales: 540
Total order value: 30,000 €
Cost: 4,000 €
CR: 4.70%


The close cooperation with large blogger networks pays off for both sides: “Together with Metapic we deliver a totally integrated solution inside our own platform. It has been a successful collaboration to activate our influencer network, build content, monetize it and improve recruitment”, comments Magnus Karlsson, CEO of, Nordics largest blogger network.



Charlotte from Metapic UK, Hector Bellerin and Nejilka at fashion show


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