Start the new year with the Metapic Q1 packages

The new year 2023 has started, and all the festive holidays are in the past. But upcoming shopping events like Valentine’s Day, Carnival, or International Women’s Day are around the corner. Metapic has special Q1 newsletter offers to start successfully in the new year.

The Seasonal Newsletter

With the seasonal newsletter of Metapic, you can reach influencers and their communities personally through visual elements and product recommendations during this time.

Our figures also show the popularity and success of the Meatapic seasonal newsletter:

· Unique opening rate > 45 %
· Active influencers > 1.000 – 80 % more thank 30k on Instagram
· Average target audience: 80 % women aged 18 to 35 years
· Mainly on Instagram, YouTube & Blogs

The Q1 packages

Metapic offers three different packages: bronze, silver, and gold, which differentiate in price and performance. Your ads will be published in the seasonal newsletters with different seasonal topics from Q1 – Gift Guides V-Day, Happy V-Day, Must Haves for Carnival, International Women’s Day, Spring has sprung, and Ready for more daylight?

Do you want placements in several seasonal newsletters? No problem! The experts at Metapic will be happy to create a content plan with you.

Metapic continues to offer its weekly brand spotlights, which include 3-5 brands and their new promotions and news.

Maximize your brand awareness and use the Metapic Q4 packages! Get in touch with our experts now >>

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