Success through advertising placements

Whether as a display ad, site link, or logo. Advertising placements are always a great way to achieve high attention and expand your business in the long term. That’s why we offer advertising placements in various forms with our influencer network metapic.

Advertising placements with metapic

We differentiate between two types of our advertising placements: The placements in our metapic network and the placements with our community.

Network Placements

Metapic is not only the link between influencers and publishers. We are also able to do much more. Therefore, we offer our publishers the opportunity to increase their attention and reach by booking placements in the metapic network – the particular thing is: there are no black posts.

There are many different ways to present your label:
· Promotions in our social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
· Placements in our regularly newsletters
· Advertising via our profitable offer tool
· Direct messaging through our account managers

Community Placements

With our community placements, you can increase your reach and address your target group more specifically through the right selection. The particular thing about it is the personal and direct contact with your potential customers through our influencers. That communicates trust and credibility.

Also here, our community can make your placements in different ways:
· Promotions in their social media channels
· Placements in their blogs

Why advertising placements with metapic?

Not only attention and reach will be increased through advertising placements, but you also increase your visibility with our influencers. Also, the information that you will be working with the metapic network is an advantage for all our partners, as it makes the work easier and completely transparent. In addition, your successes can be analysed very simply through our technologies.

metapic advertising placements

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