Tradedoubler together with Metapic acquires shares in Onbaz

Today we announced that Tradedoubler together with its subsidiary Metapic acquires approximately 30 % of the shares in Onbaz, a Swedish tech startup company in live video shopping. This will open up new opportunities for our influencers and brands.

What is the core business?

Metapic is an influencer network that allows brands to work with influencer marketing at scale. Metapic focuses on pure performance, which means you only pay when a transaction has been completed. Our offices are distributed all over Europe, which allows us to deliver influencer campaigns internationally.

What exactly is Onbaz?

Onbaz is a startup company in the live video shopping space. The founder, Christoffer Odin, saw this strong growth trend in the Chinese market. And now, he wants to bring this fantastic trend to Europe and make it easy for all companies to engage in live video shopping.

The difference to most of today’s alternatives is the simple working process, the comparatively low costs, and the efficient performance for companies.

What new opportunities will the acquisition open up now?

The investment in Onbaz adds a new offering to our customers and influencers.

Influencers will in the future be able to produce live shopping videos in their social media channels on a large scale and without friction. This will enhance the influencers credibility and add a new shopping experience for their followers.

“I am delighted to announce the investment into Onbaz. Live video shopping is a growing phenomenon and already a well-integrated offer within ecommerce in China. We believe that it is just a matter of time until we see the same dynamic in Europe.”

Matthias Stadelmeyer about Onbaz
Matthias Stadelmeyer
CEO of Tradedoubler

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