Will Hill

Partnership Development Manager

This week we had the pleasure of talking to Will Hill, our Partnership Development Manager, who has been working in digital marketing for over 8 years. Here’s what he had to say about getting into digital marketing, achievements and where he sees the industry going over the next years.


Can you briefly introduce yourself?
I’m Will, one of the partnership development team here at Tradedoubler and responsible for recruitment and onboarding and optimisation of affiliates on the network.


How did you get into Digital Marketing?
I started working in SEO about 8 years ago and then got a job at a small online casino (138.com) and begun to manage the affiliates who promoted our offers. This gave me experience developing relationships and understanding the positive effects a well-managed affiliate program can have on a business.


What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?
Last year I completed the National Three Peaks Challenge with some friends – so tough but we did it (in a little over 24 hours). In terms of professional achievements, I’m proud of the positive effect I’ve contributed to the partnership team here at Tradedoubler since we have changed our strategy and the way the department is run.


What are you passionate about in the industry and this company in general?
I think the fact that the affiliate space is so focussed on results and performance makes it unique and arguably the best way to demonstrate how effective a marketing channel can be. I also like relationships that can be developed over time as the industry is so small.


What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in your career?
I think it’s that no matter what ideas you have, you should be given the ability to voice them and at the same time give other people the opportunity to voice theirs. And always ask questions!


What do you enjoy the most about working here at Tradedoubler?
Tradedoubler has a great wealth of experience in all departments, and we understand where we came from – which means we know what we are capable of. Our dedication to become number one for service in the industry is starting to become noticeable when compared to other larger networks. I also am awarded the time I need in my role to do my job properly.


With performance marketing thriving with new ideas and technologies, where do you see the industry going over the next years?
With so much focus on personalisation and influencers, it has to be these two aspects of the industry that will be pushing it forward. With partners like Metapic changing the way we work with influencers allowing us to pay them for the invaluable work they do for our advertisers and RevLifter allowing retailers to personalise vouchers dynamically it is a real game changer and will soon become adopted by more partners.


Describe yourself in 3 words?
Confident, Charismatic, Articulate.


Last word: a recommendation, an idea, a quote to live by?
It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

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