Mouna Laaragat

Senior Client Development Manager


This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Mouna Laaragat, our Senior Client Development Manager. With Tradedoubler Influencer Week approaching, we’ve asked her how the relationship between Tradedoubler and Influencers will develop in the coming months.  


How long have you been working at Tradedoubler?

Coming from an e-commerce background, I joined the network in March 2015. Since then it has been a hell of a ride! Over 3 years of an exciting adventure and progression. Starting as Account Executive, I have had the chance to prove and improve myself on the very interesting brands we have and are working with. From Account Executive to Account Manager, it has been a year that I’ve taken up the challenge of the Senior Client Development Manager role.

Could you tell us about your role and what Tradedoubler does in the Performance Marketing space?

Tradedoubler, as a technology and marketing company, connects and grows clients and publishers. My role in the Client Services team is to make sure we act as the extension of the marketing team of our brands and build a consistent strategy for them. We work closely with our clients to help them reach their goals and meet their KPIs.

What are you passionate about in the industry and this company in general?

I’ve been fascinated by advertising since I was 13! Since then, I’ve managed to study and stay focused on Marketing, Communication, Economics and Trade. Once I chose to move to London, I discovered client services and that I was extremely passionate about client satisfaction. I guess it is the classic story of a foreigner who was working in a sandwich place before finding “a real job in their field”, who realised that having a customer thanking you was the most pleasant thing to do for a living. While joining a fashion online retailer digital team, I discovered affiliate and have since decided to redirect my career and shift to the “network” or “agency” side.

What do you like the most about your job and how would you describe your working environment?

Being always juggling between new projects, brands and campaigns is what I find the most exciting. From a network perspective, we are in a very fast paced environment and that’s what I prefer the most in digital marketing. But having the opportunity to work in client services for a technology company is beating it by far! My geek side loves the technology part and being able to provide a tracking solution to our partners, and my strategic side never has enough of tackling new business challenges. The cherry on the top is an extremely lovable team I absolutely enjoy working with. I wake up every day happy to embrace a new one, and that’s not given to everyone, so I feel very lucky to have this opportunity.

What is your biggest achievement at Tradedoubler to date?

I think that beyond the client growth delivered, the latest events where I had a chance to contribute are the best to indicate my achievement. In May, I’ve held a talk along with my colleague at the Affiliate Huddle on How to Grow a Mature Program. In June, I’ve been part of a panel to discuss Xmas planning and trends at the Customer Connect Conference. I hope this is only the beginning of sharing publicly the expertise I’ve acquired in the past 7 years in digital.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned in your career?

There is always a solution. It seems simplistic, but this is how you can go above and beyond. Once the objective is set there is always a way to reach it.

Influencer Marketing is one of the key trends happening right now and something that Tradedoubler is directly involved with. How do you think this relationship with influencers will develop in the coming months?

I do believe that networks will be working more closely with influencers and we already see the relationship strengthening. Since technology has allowed a better visibility on who has been involved in a conversion we have a better idea of who drives value and can support clients on their content strategy. Influencer Marketing is all about performance. KPIs are different but it is still a matter of rewarding a partner for the engagement they provide to the brand which completely fells in performance marketing and the business model affiliate marketing support.




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