Clement Labbe

UK Operations Director


We caught up with UK Operations Director, Clement Labbe to hear his thoughts on affiliate marketing and to find out more about his experience to date.


How long have you been in working at Tradedoubler?

I have been working in digital marketing with Tradedoubler for almost 5 years. I have previously held various positions within in our International Corporate and Client Development teams which have given me invaluable experience and helped me develop a very broad understanding of our business as a whole and the complex and evolving industry we find ourselves in.

I have then spent couple of months in the US as a Business Development Director, to conduct market research and analysis to articulate strategic direction and generate product development ideas.

Can you briefly describe your current role and responsibilities?

In my current role, I’m responsible for defining, implementing and maintaining appropriate operating standards and principles across Tradedoubler UK to maximise resources, sharing of best practices and commercial benefits. I also share responsibility for managing key initiatives to support delivery of the UK business strategy and oversee the strategic direction of Tradedoubler UK operational business functions including our Client Support, Marketing and Talent Development departments.

How did you get into Digital Marketing?

I studied Marketing and Management in France with major in International Business and always been fascinated by Marketing in general but like many others in this industry, I knew very little about Affiliate Marketing before my first role and almost ended up in Digital Marketing by accident. Nonetheless, it’s a great industry, always evolving and so far, it has been a great pleasure working in this industry.

What does your morning routine look like?

I normally wake up around 8am and always do a quick scroll through my inbox while I’m still in bed. I also check Facebook and Instagram but try to spend no more than a couple minutes on social media.

I then head to work (I’m quite fortunate to have a 15-minute walk commute to work. I spend this time listening to music), grab a coffee and devote some time reading the latest articles in the industry to stay up to date.

After that, I start most days by tackling my emails first thing in the morning (I have a rigorous approach to email management inspired by ‘The Inbox Zero Strategy’) as it lets me know what need to be done, and I can update my to-do-list, asking myself what needs to be prioritise today.

What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?

Most days are different but I usually have calls or meetings lined up throughout the day and in between, I dedicate as much time as I can working on my to-do-list. During this time, my mailbox is close, I put my phone face down on the desk and I’m usually found with earphones in to avoid distractions.

I’ll usually try to spend time working on one or two bigger projects. Every day is different. One hour I’m focused on a strategic presentation; the next, on articulating general product developments ideas; and the next, on discussing strategies to improve core operational functions.

What do you like the most about your job and the industry?

In my current role, I get to split my time between strategic thinking and project management, which is very stimulating and challenging. I feel I can contribute and make a difference to the success of our business. I also enjoy working in such a great industry, which is constantly evolving with the deployment of new technology and the raise of innovative new partners.

What’s been your biggest career highlight to date?

I would say my biggest achievement has been my progression from an executive role to a director position.

What do you think are some of the key trends happening right now in the industry?

I think Affiliate Marketing will continue to expand and grow in 2018 with advertisers paying more attention to influencer marketing and data measurement and analysis. I believe we are also seeing a greater focus on collaboration between advertisers and publishers with a focus on creating partnerships which drive growth. Not mentioning the impact of GDPR on the entire industry.




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