Amy Lucas

Head of Partnerships and Business Development

It’s our pleasure to introduce our new Head of Partnerships and Business Development, Amy Lucas.

Amy has over 8 years’ experience in performance marketing. She started out at Bounty, on the media owner side before joining  Tradedoubler where she rose to the role of Account Director, winning a few awards clients like The Body Shop. She returns to Tradedoubler after almost two years working at lead generation agency, Inflecto.

Chris Russell-Smith, our Country Manager UK & IE, works closely with Amy and here’s what he told us about her coming back to the company:  “I’m delighted to have her back at Tradedoubler. She has a wealth of experience in affiliate and lead generation marketing, and will have a huge impact on our growing business. In her new role, she will be responsible for new business and also for developing our publisher proposition”

We got her to take a break on her busy agenda to answer a few questions. Get to know more about her career, thoughts on the affiliate marketing, where she sees the industry going, her recommendation to live by and her favourite holiday destination.


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My responsibility at Tradedoubler is Head of Partnerships and Business Development. I’m very lucky in that day in, day out I get the best of both worlds in talking to partners and advertisers. I’m relatively new to this position but have spent over 5 years at Tradedoubler in client facing roles alongside some time at Inflecto, driving lead generation and mobile acquisition campaigns that really gave me a fresh new look on emerging channels.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Other than lots and lots of tea, it’s human interaction. I’m a very, very chatty person and can’t keep quiet for too long, which is probably why I love the affiliate game so much as it’s based on connecting people.


How did you get into digital marketing?

I started out in Digital Marketing at Bounty, the parenting club, in their account management team. Living out of London at the time, the buzz of being in the city, building out relationships with advertisers and creating marketing campaigns that were going to be seen by so many people really appealed to me as I started out in my career. To this day, cultivating relationships with everyone in the industry is what I really love about my job. There are so many talented and lovely people in the affiliate space who are all extremely passionate about making the channel successful and I believe this is what fuels so much innovation in the space.


What do you most enjoy about affiliate marketing?

Leading from the above it’s innovation. So many hugely successful companies and channels have sprung out of affiliates over the years and you can always count on the fact something new is right around the corner. Being publisher facing really allows me to get to know all types of businesses and propositions so no one day is ever the same, and that’s what keeps me on my toes and excited to come to work in the morning. There are, of course, addressable concerns in the industry such as publisher payments, but it’s testament to the channel when these are recognised and a collaborative effort is made by all to resolve these issues.


Where do you see the industry going?

Personally, I believe this year advertisers are going to be held more accountable for their relationships with publishers and the value exchange between the two. There is so much discussion around advertiser payment terms and lost sales as a result of the advertisers inability to update tracking that it will come to a head this year. I think this will result in an industry collaboration effort to standardise regulations around both which would be a great win for all involved and continue to ensure that the value exchange between both advertisers and publishers is fair.


What is your motto or personal mantra?

Treat others how you would like to be treated. I always make a concerted effort to be approachable and I think most of the industry operates in this way which makes ours a relationship game and that’s why we haven’t moved to automation like many other digital channels.


What’s your favourite holiday destination and what would your next destination be?

I’m a little obsessed with diving, so anywhere with a reef close by suits me down to the ground.

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