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Business Development

Introducing Alexander Gordon, in this instalment of our ‘Meet the team’ series. He works in our Business Development team and he told us about how his day typically looks like, what he enjoys the most about affiliate marketing and his biggest achievements to date.


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hello. My name’s Alex and I’m part of the Business Development Team at Tradedoubler. I graduated last year from The University of Leeds Business School and I’ve been at Tradedoubler for just over 9 months.


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

As millennial as it sounds I actually have an Amazon Alexa that wakes me up at 7:40 am, plays a BBC newsflash and turns my ceiling light on. It’s gimmicky but does the job!


What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?

Myself and my team are always looking for new opportunities to grow our business. Affiliate Marketing can often be underrepresented within a typical marketing mix, so it’s important we have partners who have an eye for detail and performance. That means that we have an extensive qualification process during which time each party identifies the reasons that affiliate marketing will complement and, more importantly, accentuate their current marketing efforts. A typical day will, therefore, consist of responding to new inbound requests and moving current prospects along the pipeline until they are fully integrated onto our network. Luckily Tradedoubler is very open to the individual approaches we have as ‘business developers’, and we have a weekly training program designed to keep us in-the-know with everything happening in the industry.


What do you most enjoy about affiliate marketing?

I’ve learned that affiliate marketing is a relatively small industry which leads to continuously crossing paths with publishers, clients and others working in or around affiliates. You can make some genuine relationships with people at all levels of an organisation, not just at your level, and there’s an emphasis on a type of networking that isn’t just trying to make a deal.


What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional? 

I’m proud of what I’ve done in education. I originally wanted to be a pilot and had that all set up, had my lines practised and had some decent hours under my belt. It gets very very (very) expensive, however, probably 4 x the average yearly salary, so had to improvise my way forward through education. I’ve always known my strengths so I allowed myself some time to work out a path at university that would land me a role in which I could really perform.


What’s the most recent app you’ve downloaded but are yet to use?

I’ve recently downloaded an app that shows all the results from our Monday 5-a-side league. However, we’ve had a string of poor results as a consequence of the lacklustre approach we’ve taken to our fitness regime, and I feel like we’re under threat of relegation. I haven’t opened the app so it might not be as bad as I think. Who knows.


What is your guilty pleasure?

I take coffee quite seriously, if that can be considered a guilty pleasure.


Lastly: a recommendation, an idea, a quote to live by?

Just do your thing.


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