Dalis Arismendi

Talent & Development Manager


For Dalis, showing personality is the most important thing to demonstrate as a candidate in an interview. Understand why she loves talent acquisition and talent management, and who is for her an exceptional applicant? Get to know our Talent & Development Manager!


What attracted you to a career in recruitment? How did you get into the world of Talent Acquisition?

I did my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and never thought about a career in talent acquisition but after graduating I found a job in an HR agency where my responsibility was to conduct psychological and psychometric testing to candidates applying for jobs in multinational companies and that’s how I started my career in recruitment. Every candidate was a mystery until I applied my tests. I also started enjoying conducting job interviews, assessment centres, helping others in their careers, and providing recommendations to my clients after analysing tests’ results. I still apply psychological principles in everything I do, especially when assessing someone’s motivations and suitability for the job.

What do you enjoy most about recruiting?

It’s a win – win situation! I find fulfilling the fact that you are giving the opportunity to a candidate to have a positive change in their lives, a progression, and to use their skills in the right company. At the same time it is also rewarding to see how the company benefits from a new employee who is competent to do the job. I enjoy seeing both parties happy after making an offer and seeing the new employee growing in the company. I also like the variety of my role, as I’m here not only to attract and hire the best talent but also to retain talent and support them in their development, which is something I really love as well.

What has been your biggest success to date in recruitment? 

I would say recruiting in 3 different countries has been my main success. Recruiting in Venezuela and the USA is completely different than recruiting here in the UK, so I’ve had to adapt my style and techniques throughout the years. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to keep in touch with candidates that I recruited in the past who are still in their jobs after years, receiving communications from them remembering that I was the first point of contact in the company it’s just a wonderful feeling. For example, I received a LinkedIn message a few days ago from a Sales Manager at Avon Venezuela who I recruited back in 2011, she is still working at Avon in a higher role now. Being able to apply my knowledge and skills in different markets has been my biggest challenge and my biggest success.

How would you describe your working environment? 

My working environment at TD is amazing, it’s always busy and challenging. I love to interact with people from different levels all the time, one day I can be in a meeting with the managing director proposing our People Plan for 2018, and the next day I can have meetings with the directors to understand development needs in their teams, and then I have interviews with candidates for open positions, I also deliver trainings and coach managers to increase wellbeing in the workplace, so it’s varied and exciting. The environment is also very dynamic and social at TD, we have plenty of events and social gatherings which helps to always continue networking and to have fun while you work.

What makes someone the perfect candidate?

The perfect candidate will depend on the role you are recruiting for. Sometimes you are looking for someone very analytical and other times you are looking for someone very outgoing. A candidate who conducts research and prepares for the interview is always closer to be successful, but the personality plays a big role, if the candidate has the personality that matches with the company’s culture and vision, you can then look at the rest, and assess the skills and competencies. So always show your personality in an interview!


List 3 words that describe your character.

Passionate, determined and empathetic.

Tell us a curiosity about you.

I dance salsa in a salsa academy, I danced in Venezuela for 4 years, then in the USA and now I go to Holborn for advanced lessons. It is a fantastic hobby, you do some exercise while having fun, meeting new people or enjoying with friends. I also used to model, I was in magazines, events and music videos back in Venezuela.

Tell us the difference between good and exceptional.

For me exceptional is when you go above and beyond and add extra value to everything you do. I think you always should look to excel and that comes with pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. If you always do just what you are supposed to do and leave it like that you will never stand out from the crowd. Good is fine for a service or a product, but from people we need exceptional! And that applies to the candidate who will get the job, the employee who will get the promotion and the manager who will become a CEO in the future.

What do you do in your spare time? 

I love to exercise and visit new places. I like to be active and maintain my mind and body healthy, and this is one of the few jobs I’ve had that gives me the opportunity to have a balance between my work and personal life. I like to go to new cities and get to know new cultures. I also love to spend time with my husband and friends. I share these hobbies with my husband so we have a blast exercising and sightseeing together. And if I’m not doing any of those, I’m probably reading or studying to improve myself in any way.

If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?

I would definitely be a dolphin. Dolphins are sociable, they move together and they like to communicate and show love to each other all the time. I wouldn’t mind to be swimming in the sea every single day!

What do you like the most about living in London?

I like that you can interact and work with people from different backgrounds. Having exposure to diversity is equal to personal growth, you learn from other cultures and develop adaptability and flexibility to communicate with people from different nationalities. It’s also fast-paced and exciting, there is always something going on in London, there are festivals, shows, food from around the world, events, sports, and other activities that you can do with co-workers as well. That’s why some call London the capital of the world!



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