Industry Chat: How can I make December as successful as Black Friday with machine learning?

Black Friday is one of the most important days in Affiliate Marketing. But why should only November be considered the most successful month of the year? Make sure to drive the same volume throughout December and Christmas. With automated personalisation using machine learning, you can increase your conversion rate by more than 37%.

How can I supercharge my conversion rate? And how does machine learning work?

Our expert for machine learning:

The biggest goal in the eCommerce industry: To increase sales and orders permanently. But how can I get customer engagement at its very best? In this interview, takes a look at this issue.

First of all, what is machine learning in connection with Affiliate Marketing?

Machine learning consists of algorithms that recognise structures and regularities in data sets and generate solutions from them. That artificial intelligence is important for increasing the conversion rate. This is because the technology learns regularities that analyse customer engagement.

What does the industry-leading machine learning technology from do?

The industry-leading machine learning technology of has learned user interactions to recognises whether a user has a strong purchase intent (buyer) or is only just a clicker through the website. If a customer shows an intention to exit, they are automatically presented with separate and tailored messages to the clickers and buyers. It’s proven that targeted messages are more effective in driving people back into a purchase intent than any other engagement message. Therefore, customers who show an intention to exit are driven to purchase with effective messages and appropriate product recommendations.

machine learning

How confident can you be about the accuracy of the prediction of the model?

So far, over 100 million sessions and their results have helped develop’s real-time model. In addition, the model is re-trained twice daily to maintain its performance. Here, the current AUC (area under the curve – the higher the AUC, the better the performance) is 86-94%.

machine learning

What identifies the website visitor as a “clicker” or “buyer”?

A clicker or buyer is identified using the purchase to propensity score that is determined by the machine learning model. This score ranges from zero to one and the closer you are to 1, the more likely you are to be a buyer. There are over 4 million different behavioural triggers that are read in real time to determine if the customer is a clicker or a buyer, therefore the behavioural triggers are retained twice a day to ensure that it maintains an accuracy rating of 95% or higher.

machine learning

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About is a customer conversion optimisation platform, who uses behavioural insight and performance data to implement conversion strategies leading to increased revenue. Solutions offered include exit or in-session strategies through the re-engagement overlays, reduced cart abandonment emails, on and off-site notifications, code analytics with code fix to further increase conversion and machine learning to take your conversion strategies to the next level. as a Publisher

Affiliate marketing is at the heart of their business. As a huge advocate of the affiliate model, is a pure performance-based publisher (CPA) and works with all its clients in this way. They do not charge setup fees and have a full-service team to deliver campaigns for their partners.

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