The impact of iOS 14 on mobile app marketing


The rollout of Apple’s iOS 14.5 is done. On April 26th, iOS users began receiving prompts to download the new update. But what does the new iOS update hold for app marketing?


What is iOS 14?

The new iOS 14 update includes two changes that will impact app marketing on iOS 14.5.
These are:

1. App Tracking Transparency (ATT)
The new policy will require apps to ask users for permission to track their IDFA. With most users expected to opt out, most exchange bid requests will not contain IDFA.

2. SKAdNetwork (SKAN)
With SKAdNetwork, postbacks will not contain any user-level information and are delayed. This means that there will be less data to track and optimize on.


What are the possible consequences of iOS 14?

If users allow the tracking, there will be business as usual. However, if users opt out the new framework (SKAN) will come to place. As the data can be transferred delayed (even more than 24 hours), there is the risk to lose some tracking.


Adoption of iOS 14 at Tradedoubler

We have analysed our data at Tradedoubler and found that most of our users have not updated their phones to the new iOS 14 yet. Furthermore, what we can see so far is that the changes rendered by iOS 14.5 have been small in scale.


Will we see greater adoption in the near future?

Yes, everyone should prepare for mass adoption, as Apple proactively pushes the update to its users. We at Tradedoubler are already prepared for the new iOS update and are already registered with a SKAdNetwork.

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