Introducing Increasingly – The market leader in dynamic cross selling


Who are Increasingly?

Increasingly is the market leader in dynamic cross selling. We beautifully automate how brands can combine products and improve cross-sell – online, in marketing, in-store. Using machine learning and personalisation we grow revenue +15% and aov +12%.

We are finalists for awards including the Innovation award at the Performance Marketing Awards and Startup of the Year at the National Technology Awards. We also work with leading brands including Travis Perkins and Samsung.

What is the inspiration behind the product?

In the offline world, cross-selling is a vital tool for retailers. In the online world, retailers hardly use it and if they do struggle. This is because bringing the right products together at scale for cross-sell, is technically challenging.  Amazon is one of few who use this concept effectively and drive revenue growth of 12%. We have learned from the master’s Amazon and are democratising how they drive cross-sell for retailers at large. We also believe we are going further!

What are the initial results/ findings from your first live clients?

From our first customers, we’ve seen revenues grow up to +15% and aov grow +12%. This is by adding value to the customer in helping them buy what they need and making it more compelling to buy. The combination of UX, machine learning and personalisation help us do this.

Increasingly have only been going for a few months now (5/6), but already have been nominated for several awards. There must be a lot of excitement about the future of this product?

We are super excited to be finalists for awards including the Innovation award at the Performance Marketing Awards and Startup of the Year at the National Technology Awards. We are working hard every day to optimise and make this a hugely valuable product for retailers.

This all sounds great, how can I get this set up on my site?

Just get in touch with your account manager and we can help. If you are a multi-product retailer and you are looking to drive more cross-sell we can help. The technology is platform agnostic and so we can go live within a week too!

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