International Education Day

Sharing stories from young talents at Tradedoubler


This month marked the third International Education Day.

Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility. According to UNESCO, inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all are the building blocks to break the cycle of poverty. A cycle, that is leaving millions of children, youth, and adults behind.

While we do not want to disguise the immense importance of equal access to education from an early age, we also want to emphasize the importance of giving young talents chances when applying for their first job opportunities.

In fact, in a lot of companies, there are some hurdles for young professionals to even get the job. Once inside, the power to act is often negotiated in conjunction with age or experience, which often suppresses the energy of young employees. Sadly, because there is a lot of wasted potentials since newcomers notice things that everyone else takes might take for granted. We at Tradedoubler support and encourage their questions, drive, and creative suggestions.

We are particularly committed to giving young talents opportunities, supporting them as they take their first steps and encouraging them on their career path. We ensure that we support our young talents as much as possible, including recognising when for our dual students, at some periods, university comes first.

We spoke to 5 young talents at Tradedoubler about their career path, lessons, learnings and more.


You will gain an incredible amount of experience!

Fabian Brückl, Trainee Performance Marketing

“The Trainee program at Tradedoubler revealed to me where my strengths lie and on which paths they could take me.

During the first two weeks, I did not only get to know my tasks and the areas of Tradedoubler but also my colleagues.

After those initial weeks, I started in my team and was constantly given more challenging tasks, which is one of my favourite aspects of working at Tradedoubler. As a trainee, you can take on a lot of responsibility very early on and consequently gain experience quite quickly.”


An exciting and diverse career lays ahead of you!

Luzie Pruessmeier, Dual Student

“In my opinion, Tradedoubler is an ideal employer to start your career. Young students and graduates are offered an exciting and diverse career in a constantly changing market. The internal structures are also ideal for starting a career. A young and dynamic team provides support in all areas, and the flat hierarchies allow employees to influence processes and assume responsibility from the very beginning.”


You are a part of the team from day one!

Antonio Matijevic, Dual Student Affiliate Marketing

“Tradedoubler gives me the chance to fill my studies with professional experience. An intensive introduction through trainings gave me an overview of all the upcoming tasks. And above all, I got in touch with the whole team. This made my start as a dual student at Tradedoubler much easier – being a full team member from the first day.

I really appreciate the trust that I get from all my Teammates to work autonomously on my projects.

Since I started my dual studies at Tradedoubler I am developing my skills every single day – including customer communication, time management and sales: feeling personal growth!

In addition, I also do not have to worry about neglecting my studies. Friday is my day off: Here is time for lectures and studying. And if I need any other day to stay up to date with university it has never been a problem for my colleagues – communication is key ;-)”


Every day is a huge learning and self-development opportunity!

Alsu Ganieva, Trainee Performance Marketing

“I just finished my master’s degree and looked for ways to kickstart my career in performance marketing. I was very lucky to get a Trainee position with a focus on CPI at Tradedoubler. Though I still have not had a chance to meet all my colleagues in person because of coronavirus restrictions, I feel included and taken care of. My CPI supervisor Em is an amazing teacher. Every day is a huge learning and self-development opportunity. The whole Tradedoubler team gave me a warm welcome, which I am grateful for a lot and I am looking forward to new challenges in 2021! Onwards!”


Tradedoubler is the best company to learn about successful affiliate marketing!

Patricia Hintermayr, Trainee Performance Marketing

“What I really appreciate about Tradedoubler is the hands-on mentality, the confidence everyone puts into you and the support you get from your colleagues. Working at Tradedoubler, especially as a trainee, means that you get enough space to develop and manage your own projects, but at the same time you get a lot of support from the others: you can ask as many questions as you want, and you get valuable advice from your colleagues. When I started my traineeship, I was confronted with a lot of new technical terms, as I was not that much into affiliate marketing before, but I had trainings with my colleagues to understand what the different teams are doing and how affiliate marketing works. Additionally, I got valuable insights into the company. After only a few months of my traineeship, I can say that I already learned a lot about performance marketing, and I think that Tradedoubler is the best company to learn even more about successful affiliate marketing.”


We support our talents from day one and teach them both our culture and work ethic while focusing on welcoming them directly into our family. The individual trainings provide the basis to qualify them according to their needs. After already a brief period, they are all set to shine with their expertise and hands-on mentality. Their questions, drive, and creative suggestions support us on our vision is to be the leading performance marketing partner!

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