Affiliate Marketing with Nano-Influencers on Instagram

Since November 2016, it has been possible to include links in your stories on Instagram. The big problem: It was only possible with a specific number of followers. That is why small influencers did not have the opportunity to present an Affiliate-Link through their story. But that has now changed. For about a month a new “Instagram Link Button” has been available, which can be used by every Instagram user.

With this change, not only the accessibility has changed, but also the design. What was recently a “Swipe-up” is now a button. But what do the influencers say about this change? We asked the metapic community.

Our survey on the Link Button from Instagram

Instagram Link Button

The result of the survey was that the Link Button had already been used successfully by almost 70 % of the metapic community after just a few days.

Additionally, our metapic influencers have very much recognised the importance of Affiliate Marketing of the Link Button over the previous “Swipe-up”.

The added value of the Link Button on Instagram for Affiliate Marketing

The new link function has adapted to user behaviour, which at the same time reduces the user journey and benefits Affiliate Marketing. The potential customers can now get directly from the story to the online shop with just one click.

Furthermore, Nano-Influencers also can include an Affiliate-Link in their Instagram story. That benefits not only the influencers but also the companies. Now they can focus on small influencers who can communicate the products or brands to the followers with more trust and empathy.

Read more about the advantages of small influencers here >>

Instagram Link Button

Why should you start with metapic?

metapic offers influencers and content creators a tool to not only monetize their content but also gain insights about their overall performance. With metapic and the generated link, influencers can collaborate with a variety of brands while maximizing their chances for potential collaborations due to its transparency – as the link button contains the brand name so users can be sure to reach the desired online shop.

We also work very closely with our influencers at metapic. For example, we regularly inform them about new developments or give them suggestions for improving their content.

Do you want to start with Influencer Marketing? Our metapic experts will be happy to help you >>

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