Influencer Marketing – Tips and insights from our publishers – Part 1: Fashion Blogger


Over the next couple of weeks we are talking to four publishers from Italy, Germany, France and Poland specialized in influencer marketing. We are asking them for insights how their business has changed recently and for recommendations to advertisers who want to start a cooperation with bloggers.

Our first interview partner is Pamela Soluri, an Italian fashion blogger & web influencer.


Influencer marketing is getting mature. What latest trends and developments have you experienced?

Pamela: Communication strategies evolve daily, thanks to new tools (dedicated platforms, social channels and applications) through which we can reach an audience that is much larger than in the past and without geographical limitations. The scale and impact, that this method has had on conceiving the promotion of online content, shows that it is not a passing trend, but is destined to grow more and more in the years to come.


What recommendations do you have for advertisers who want to start with influencer marketing?

Pamela: The personality of the influencer offers original and authentic content that helps brands to amplify their message and build new ways of relating to their audience. It has acquired an essential strategic role that starts from the simple development of a product up to lead acquisition initiatives and activities aimed at performance and sales. Users no longer appreciate aggressive advertising (sponsored ads, banners, etc.) but rely on the opinion of people they trust (the influencers) and then decide for themselves. This shows how word of mouth is the most effective tool of persuasion.


What are the dos and donts?

Pamela: Finding a really influential personality among many may seem difficult but it is not. An influencer can be defined as such when he has absolute mastery of metrics and SEO and based on these provides quality content demonstrating their authority and competence in a niche market targeted (Fashion, Beauty, Food, Travel, Entertainment) generating measurable ROIs. This is the setting of the Micro-Influencers useful in a branding strategy aimed at making known their brand or a product, compared to Celebrity Influencers to be framed, instead, for the launch of an event or when a high media exposure is needed.


Which kind of customers can benefit most from influencer marketing?

Pamela: From the local company to entrepreneurs, from emerging brands to luxury ones, everyone can benefit from the work of marketers and digital strategists to expand their brand awareness and achieve engagement and conversions that impact on the reputation of their brand and guide the purchasing process in the reference market segment through the acquisition of new customers and their loyalty.


Thank you very much, Pamela, for taking the time to share your experience with us!


Pamela Soluri, Italian fashion blogger & web influencer

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