Influencer Marketing – Tips and insights from our publishers and influencers – Polish culinary blogger and E-commerce consultant


We are talking to four publishers from Italy, Germany, France and Poland specialized in influencer marketing. They are giving insights into their business and recommendations for advertisers who want to become more active with bloggers.

Our third interview partner is Agata Chmielewska, a Polish blogger and E-commerce Consultant.


Influencer marketing is getting mature. What latest trends and developments have you experienced?

Agata: Many people still think that running a blog or a YouTube channel, or building a community using different media, is a hobby that takes very little time, and that influencers should be flattered that a brand wants to work with them. I still get offers asking me to write a blog entry, including a recipe (I run a cooking blog), or even a video, for the proverbial spice packet. I am often invited to participate in some commercial events where my reward would be the possibility to appear publicly. The times of doing this sort of thing are long gone, at least for me. Many brands do not understand that it is me who gives them a way to show off, not the other way around. Of course, fewer and fewer companies think that way, but it still happens. We are to blame for it, or rather the people who agree to work on such terms and gladly accept offers that literally pay pennies or nothing. I am not surprised that brands try to take advantage of it. As they say, business is business, and why wouldn’t you try to save money wherever you can.


What has changed in influencer marketing over the last 12 months?

Agata: The brands’ attitudes and their respect for influencers. There are fewer and fewer offers where the brands make demands and have no respect for the influencer’s work. Influencer marketing campaigns have bigger budgets, and influencers have more freedom to decide about how they’re going to promote the brand and what they’re going to show their audience.


How important is influencer marketing today?

Agata: For me, since I both run a pretty popular culinary blog and work in online marketing, influencer marketing is double important. For me as a blogger this is not just a way to make money, but also to show off and share interesting products and ideas which they might have never heard of. As a marketer I often help companies reach a bigger audience using influencers. However, I often have to educate my clients and explain to them that this doesn’t always directly translate into sales. Few influencers have the kind of power where just recommending something makes their viewers immediately want to buy it, and the ones who do want a lot of money for their services, which is no surprise. Still, working with influencers is not just good for the brand’s image, but also for its search ranking (SEO), which continues to benefit the company for a long time after the campaign ends.


What recommendations do you have for advertisers who want to start with influencer marketing?

Agata:  Before you contact an influencer, try to learn something about them. The kind of content they share, their values, the way they work. Nowadays, when all this information is out there, this is really very easy. We should respect one another. Brands should understand that work has to be paid for, because you can’t pay your bills with a spice packet.


Which kind of customers can benefit most from influencer marketing?

Agata: Basically any kind, you just have to be smart and creative about it. It’s also important to remember that having an influencer is one thing, but the audience also has to benefit from the co-operation somehow.


Thank you very much, Agata, for taking the time to share your experience with us!


Agata Chmielewska, Polish blogger ( and E-commerce & Online Marketing Consultant.

Agata Chmielewska has been working in e-commerce for 11 years. She gained her experience working for clients and agencies, cooperating with other companies like Praktiker, Willsoor, or

Influencer Marketing

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