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Between the 16th and the 20th of July, we organised our first Influencer Week which is now all wrapped up. Check it out here.

During the week, on the 19th of July, we hosted our very first Influencer day in our office in Moorgate for all of our partners to attend. With over 50 people attending, our #TDInfluencerDay connected our advertisers with various different influencers agencies, networks and actual bloggers and provided some great insights on Influencer Marketing strategies.

The day started off with every attendee receiving goodie bags containing a lot of gifts. Special thanks to our sponsors Lumity and The Blogger Programme for providing these treats for our attendees! Advertisers and Publishers were also able to enter a raffle thanks to Lumity, who gave away 5 of their amazing anti-ageing skin care supplements and beauty serums. The lucky winners all went home with a Premium Sleep Kit worth £150 each. On behalf of every winner, thank you Lumity.

Our very own UK Country Manager Chris Russell-Smith kicked off the day by welcoming everyone to the event, going through some impressive Influencer Marketing stats, before going through in more detail how advertisers can work more closely with influencer networks and agencies within the Affiliate Marketing channel.

Following Chris’ intro – the first speaker of the day was Ben Jeffries from Influencer who delivered a very interactive session. Talking about the usage of mobile phones and social media platforms such as Instagram, Ben outlined how to measure ROI when running Influencer Marketing campaigns.

During his session, Ben asked everyone to run a little test which resulted in everyone being able to know the time spent in each of their mobile app. If you have an iPhone, and are interested in knowing how much time you spend on each of your apps, simply follow the below instructions:

Open Settings App, then tap on the Battery, now tap the Clock icon at the rightmost side underneath the Battery Usage heading, see the image below. It’s quite surprising how many hours we actually spend on social media! Don’t hesitate to tweet us your top 5 apps using #TDInfluencerDay on @Tradedoubler_UK Twitter’s account. 

Ben, Jeffries, Influencer

Thank you for an incredible event. I really appreciate the opportunity to educate others on the influencer marketing industry and its synergy with affiliate marketing. It was great to hear insights from other companies, clients and creators all in one day.

Next up was Maira Genovese the CEO of MGEmpowerwho talked about how authenticity is an important factor of the campaign. She also outlined some other important points to consider when creating a campaign: such as touching people’s emotions, having a powerful story and using videos and storytelling. She also went through a few examples of some of their influencers creating interesting and unique ways of promoting brands.

Following Maira session, we had the pleasure to welcome Emily Trenouth from Tribe, who went through in more detail about how to turn customers into content creators, and reasons for why advertisers should focus on working with micro influencers as well as bigger ones.

After some great sessions, we had a break to do some networking while having refills and snacks. It was a great opportunity for everyone there to be able to talk amongst each other. Check out our Facebook page to see more pictures.

Following the break, we had one of our sponsors – Mohamed Ali from The Blogger Programme – starting the session back up with a brief introduction about TBP and 3 of their influencers, before hosting a Q&A style session with them. Ed LemontJamie Rocks and Olivia Kate provided in-depth insight in to what it is like to work as an influencer in the ever-growing influencer marketing industry. It was great to hear from actual bloggers about their views on the Influencer Marketing industry.

Last up was our very own client and main sponsor Nadya Birca and Emma Wilder from Lumity – who started their session by announcing the winners of the raffle, while then continuing to showcase one of their influencer campaigns they recently had and the reasons behind its success

Nadya Birca, Lumity

“Couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for accommodating our speaker slot, it’s been our pleasure plus the team have been so warm and helpful! Big Thank you for making us feel welcome! We’ve also found the presentations well informative, especially the influencer panel.

After the main event was over, we then moved over to our very own rooftop with plenty of refreshments and some more networking. At some point, our Influencer Day event and Tradedoubler Alumni party intertwined and became one.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who was part of this day and the best way to explain how the event went is for our advertisers and publishers to tell you about it themselves. We asked some of them for feedback about how the day went and you can read some of their quotes below.

See what our guests had to say about the event:

Emma Wardle, Durex

“It was a very engaging afternoon, with the key speakers providing a great insight into the influencer world. As an agency who constantly want to provide innovative new proposals for our clients, I came away from the event with a head full of new ideas! It was really interesting hearing the point of view from successful influencer agencies and from influencers themselves. The Tradedoubler team are always so lovely to work with, and made me feel so welcome!”


Dan Hull, Silverbean

“The event was really interesting, nice to know a little more about Tribe/Influencer and we really enjoyed the talk by MGempower actually, really interesting to see the comparison in campaigns for By Terry.


Silvia Carballo, Microsoft 

“Thank you for organizing the event. I found it very interesting yet very fashion/beauty focused. It really changed my perception on how to work with influencers and found the cases  studies encouraging and inspirational. Discovering platforms/technology available to leverage their reach and potential was also a great highlight.”


Heather Smith, Crunch

“Thanks for yesterday, very informative and some good ideas to take forward on the influencer side.”



Lloyd Honeyghan, Adsoma

“Last night was a good event, well done to you and the team.”



Meghan O’Callaghan, Travis Perkins

“ I felt the event was extremely informative and had the right mix of content across all the different touchpoints of influencer marketing.”


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