Expert Interview: How to optimise your influencer campaign for summer sales

It’s July, and summer has started, but as a marketer you have to plan your summer sales campaign now. Our metapic expert Luisa Theißen, Influencer & Campaign Manager, explains how to optimise your influencer campaign for summer sales in our expert interview.

Luisa Theißen
Luisa Theißen, Influencer & Campaign Manager at metapic


Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us something about your work at metapic?

At metapic I am responsible for the external communication when it comes to scouting suitable Influencers for certain brands, creating both exclusive and open campaigns and seedings, managing and monitoring the overall campaign process and optimizing their success. As I am in daily contact with the majority of our Influencers, I know what kind of brand suits their lifestyle and hence assist to generate authentic recommendations. Shortly said: I am connecting various brands with suitable Influencers for maximum success.

I initially started as a Trainee, as my background is within PR and Eventmanagement yet shortly realized my opportunities and talent within Influencer Marketing. My work at metapic is really refreshing, since I deal with content creators within different niches and navigate their content creation.

Can you tell us a brief version of what metapic can do?

Metapic is your all-in-one solution when it comes to user-generated content and influencer marketing! With metapic brands can not only maximize their awareness via micro and mid-tier Influencers but also gain a new target audience and transparently monitor their collaborations. We provide you with the personal service in finding relevant new partners as well as offer our platform as a management tool and tracking solution. We operate in more than 10 countries globally, so we are happy to start with you in any country and in any niche!

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Summer sale season

Can you tell us a little bit more about the summer sales season? Why is it so important?

As summer begins, life gets easier which means audiences are more likely to spend more when it comes to new outfits, beauty products or fitness gears. Summer season is by far the most important season for brands and their products. With metapic, brands can reach a diverse audience within any niche and kick start a new season. We assist in not only generating traffic but also high quality content that converts well and is based on genuine recommendations – all you have to do is start working with metapic!

What is necessary to optimise summer sales campaigns? What makes me stand out from the competitiors?

As we share all insights transparently, we allow brands to adjust accordingly. In order to launch a successful summer campaign, brands only need to decide which products to push, and our network does the rest. Influencers can pick independently which products to promote and link and are free in their creative selections. As this allows Influencers to post within their aesthetic and content plan, it generates most of the traffic within a short amount of time and is risk free and cost efficient. Additionally, we assist in optimizing the results for future campaigns.


Why is metapic the right channel to optimise your summer sales?

Our global experts are happy to help in optimizing campaigns, finding the right tracking solutions, integrating a suiting payout, scouting new Influencers and audiences and report all insights on the spot. Wherever an affiliate link can be placed, we operate, either on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Blogs. Due to our free management tool, brands have access to new data and audiences and are welcome to manage accordingly. They are free to create campaigns themselves with only a few clicks or ask for our service. Both ways, summer sales are out for success!

It is necessary to choose the right partners, when you work with influencers in affiliate marketing. How can this be ensured with metapic?

As brands can transparently follow the content that is being released, Influencers only recommend brands and products they really love. Hence, because of our extensive network and the freedom of choice, every brand is shown to Influencers that already are loyal to their visions. From Petfluencers to Gamers and Beauty Geeks, all kind of Influencers are within our network and happy to create new brand relationships. We are happy to find the right match!

How to

Can you please share your main methods to boost summer sales?

As we all know: communication is key. Our interface allows brands to communicate directly to the Influencers and create campaign proposals that are creative and driven. The more our Influencers know of the summer sales, the better, as they can choose their information to post themselves. As we have a very close relationship with many of our Influencers, they trust us and our philosophy. Brands can decide to start exclusive campaigns, where Influencers must apply to, to control the content that is being posted or start campaigns that are open for everyone in the network. Both ways allow to directly communicate with the Influencers and hence boost summer sales.

What can metapic do to promote the products during this time?

We are happy to help with the choice of communication: sending out newsletters, starting exclusive giveaways or raffles, managing product seedings, communicating offers and on-site promotions, launching campaigns, etc. Whatever your expectations are, we are happy to provide the executions.

Do you have some tips to start a successful summer sales campaign with metapic?

Be bold: as you potentially are not used to work directly with Influencers (and not publishers) we advise to start trying new techniques and invest in your summer sales campaign the right way. Can you send out some products to certain Influencers for high quality content? Spare some budget for creatives? Search for brand ambassadors? Anything you have not tried yet; we are happy to try. As our transparency allows you to follow the entire process and each individual step, we are flexible in adapting techniques and best cases.


In which direction do you think the summer sales trends will change in the coming years?

It will be more festival inspired. As the global pandemic has had an impact on all of us and we are slowly getting back to our old routines, audiences want to enjoy this year’s summer in full swing. From “butterfly top” to the colour “Lemon” or “Electric Blue” this year’s summer has no rules.

Is it possible to make my summer sales campaign as successful as Black Friday with metapic?

For sure! As we have both organic and deal Influencers, sales are always a great way to boost products and traffic. How you want to design your summer sales campaign is up to you, but metapic has everything you need to start right away!

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