Tradedoubler Relaunches UK Incubator for E-Commerce Startups

Tradedoubler is today relaunching its UK Incubator Scheme, an e-commerce performance marketing incubator providing successful applicants with in-house mentoring and office space in central London. The scheme is designed to foster grass roots growth and help drive innovation in the online marketing arena for e-commerce entrepreneurs and emerging start-up companies.

Entrepreneurs interested in applying for Tradedoubler Incubator Scheme, are invited to submit their application and business plan. The incubator seeks to welcome young businesses with a solid business and marketing plan reflecting the potential to grow the business as well as strong entrepreneurial spirit and a good understanding of the online marketing industry.

Successful applicants will be invited to present their business plan to a panel of marketing and business experts, who will judge the applicants and decide which applicants gain entry into the incubator. This year’s panel includes:

Simon Bird, Co-Founder of RevLifter and judge on this year’s panel hopes to pass on the knowledge he acquired to young entrepreneurs starting their own business:

“I’m absolutely delighted to be involved in the relaunch of the Tradedoubler Incubator! As a co-founder, and also an investor in several successful start-ups I totally appreciate the challenge and excitement (often in equal measure) of launching and scaling a new business. It’s great to see a network like Tradedoubler provide opportunities for early stage businesses to leverage their resources and provide access to some fantastic retailers via the affiliate channel.”

Matthew Wood, Managing Director of PerformanceIN, who previously been involved in the incubator programme as a judge commented:

“The performance marketing industry loves to embrace exciting technology startups that disrupt the status-quo. The Tradedoubler Incubator Scheme provides an unrivalled platform for startups with on tap guidance, support and central London desk space! I look forward to judging the applicants and monitoring their success and growth!”

Successful applicants will take advantage of one year’s rent and rates-free office space at Tradedoubler’s headquarters in Moorgate and mentoring from affiliate marketing and technology experts.

Chris Russell-Smith, UK Managing Director at Tradedoubler, said:

“Through the incubator, we’ve discovered innovative new affiliates, start-ups and publishers and have worked collaboratively with them to help maximize commercial opportunities in the early stages of their development. The insight we can share from some of the world’s most successful and respected brands is priceless for any new business and we’re looking forward to welcoming the next generation of talented web entrepreneurs.”

Clement Labbe, UK Operations Director at Tradedoubler, added:

Tradedoubler combine 20 years of digital marketing innovation and expertise and our incubator is a fantastic opportunity for any new business that wants to accelerate its growth potential. We provide successful applicants with the perfect environment to learn from peers within the industry, embrace the fundamentals of performance marketing and have on tap guidance from experts in the field. Everyday we help our clients reach thousands of customers through affiliate marketing and we want to see more affiliates come to market and achieve similar levels of success.”

First set up in 2011, the Tradedoubler Incubator Scheme, previously known as The Zoo Project, was the first business incubator in the performance marketing sector and has since inception helped launch several companies, including online boutique fashion designers LUX-FIX, fashion and lifestyle media StyleNest, web design and development agency AWESEM and leading customer conversion specialists, SmarterClick.


Previous residents describe their experience of the scheme so far:

“The Zoo Project gave us access to many of Tradedoubler’s client brands and as a result, we have worked with ACHICA, Tesco and American Express on a variety of campaigns. Being part of the project has opened StyleNest up to new ways of monetizing our site. The office space has been invaluable for progressing our business and we have been able to grow our team. Having such a professional address has given us more credibility.”

Hannah Rouch, StyleNest


 “Tradedoubler has been the most fantastic business big brother we could think of. It has allowed LUX-FIX to accelerate our development as a start-up by standing on the shoulders of the best in class Tradedoubler technology product and by constant contact with an exceptionally innovative team. You can’t imagine as a start-up that one relationship could assist in overcoming as many challenges as Tradedoubler has for us. That and the guys are great fun to work with!”

Rebecca Glenapp, Lux-Fix


January 2016 was the start of us successfully moving in to the Tradedoubler offices, joining the innovative Zoo Project I had heard about many years before. Having spent the first year or so hot-desking wherever there was a spare seat, this was an exciting day.

As a bootstrapped business, we had just hired our first employee, and were working hard to establish ourselves as a leading technology provider in the industry, and simply, needing a base.

The benefits Tradedoubler generously offered us are difficult to quantify, going beyond having a fantastic office space in central London, with and access to a fantastic resource of professional account & publisher mangers, technical support, and managerial support, we worked alongside them all to grow client revenue. It also gave us the opportunity to grow as a company and receive support from every level of the company. As we grew too, Tradedoubler continued to offer us more and more support for nearly 3.5 years and a team of over 30, with hundreds of clients in over 24 countries.

We’re happy to have been one of the most successful start-ups to have worked within the incubator. As of today, we have offices in London, Spain and Hong Kong, with ever more exciting plans coming this year. Our phenomenal growth over the years is due in part to the fantastic support from Tradedoubler team and I can’t thank them enough for this.

The team are great and the atmosphere in the office allows for commercial and professional growth as well as being a fun environment when needed – a perfect balance!

We owe them a huge debt, and hopefully one day can assist other businesses in their strive for success. Until then, Tradedoubler incubator will continue to provide support for aspiring teams to grow and develop.

Ennis Al-Saiegh, SmarterClick


Entrepreneurs interested in applying for Tradedoubler Incubator Scheme can submit their application there.


For further information, please contact:

If you have any questions about the incubator scheme or would like any additional information, please contact

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