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How we redesigned Tradedoubler’s

Advertiser Interface


The world around us is rapidly changing in unexpected ways, and as a technology company, we embrace the changing needs of our customers and strive to put them at the centre of our strategy. For more than 20 years we enjoy putting our expertise in affiliate marketing at the fingertips of thousands of marketers and publishers around the world.

Today we are proud to announce the launch of our redesigned interface for advertisers, wearing a fresh look aimed to provide a fluent program management experience.

Our product and commercial teams are the driving force behind the new interface, and we believe it is an inspired and intuitive design. We hope you will too.

Ultimately, this took courage and a lot of research, so let’s take a look at some key features.


Simplified user experience

A clean interface that displays the most insightful data for your affiliate program, with the flexibility to view different metrics and customise time frames.


A new way to discover and recruit online partners

Search new publishers in your market by promotion type and industry category. Initiate communication easily or invite them to join your program. It’s all on one page.


Optimised tools to create ads and vouchers

Create ads and vouchers within clicks, then view and edit them easily anytime.


Review pending transactions and update their status

We know you like to maintain a good relationship with your publishers just as much as we do. So, we simplified the transaction revision process so you can easily approve, update, or deny transactions on a regular basis.


We leave other surprises such as messaging and help centre for you to explore and we look forward to hearing your feedback. You can login in your advertiser account here.

Tradedoubler’s strength lies in our ability to continue learning and improving. So, no matter how rapidly the world around us is changing, our commitment stays the same: to offer the best performance marketing service to our partners.


Our press release is available for download here: press release Advertiser Interface

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