Home & Garden Trend Report first half of 2019


Across Europe we saw a substantial growth in the Home & Garden industry during the first half of 2019. Order value increased by 39% YOY on a European level. OV by active program rose by 10% YOY, while the year before it slightly decreased.


AOV in Home & Garden across Europe increased by 30% YOY to 88 €, while across all industries it slightly decreased to 67 €. Conversion rate in Home & Garden was noted at 2,7% during the first half of 2019, while across all industries it reached a lower 2,1%. Mobile Sales in Home & Garden remained rather stable at the high level of 37%, compared to 23% across all industries. And Smartphone AOV increased by 15% YOY to 66 €, while across all industries it slightly decreased to 63 €.



Highest growth in Germany!

The biggest player in H1 2019 in the Home & Garden industry was Germany with an increase in OV of incredible 108% YOY! The German market now accounts for 42% of the whole European order value in this segment, followed by Sweden and Poland. OV in Sweden in this industry increased by impressive 45% and in Poland by substantial 23%.


Home Garden


Coupons/Discount codes extending their lead

Looking at the publisher models across Europe, the top seller Coupon/Discount codes clearly extended their lead at the beginning of 2019 with an impressive increase in OV of 95% YOY and now accounting for 30% of the total Home & Garden OV across Europe. Number 2 Cashback/Loyalty still grew their OV by substantial 34% YOY and Reward by impressive 66% YOY, but their share in the split remained rather stable.


Home Garden


Key facts for Coupons/Discount codes in Home & Garden:

Home Garden


Key facts for Cashback/Loyalty in Home & Garden:

Home Garden


Key facts for Reward in Home & Garden:

Home Garden


Quick Facts at a glance:

Home Garden


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