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When looking at our results for December 2019 we made some very interesting observations. The holiday shopping season in 2019 was again very successful for Tradedoubler!

Order value during December 2019 was up by 39% YOY across Europe! Interestingly, in 2019 we saw a peak in order value at the beginning of December. Whilst the early shoppers provided the highest peak in OV, the next peak was followed on the 12th of December. Shopping behavior in the run-up to Christmas (17-21 December) was quite similar to 2018. While we were able to identify some early shoppers in 2019, last-minute shoppers were also showing. From 21 December onwards, the order value rose again until 23 December.




The number of sales grew by a remarkable +45% YOY and Mobile Sales by even +62% YOY! The average order value slightly decreased by 4% to 54 EUR in December however, Smartphone AOV increased by 12% to 67 EUR. Shopping on smartphones is becoming more and more important, resulting in an even higher smartphone AOV than the global average across all devices. The number of clicks increased by 68% YOY.




Not only did we recognize an increase in the order value during the Holiday Shopping Season but also during the After Holiday Shopping Season. After Holiday Shopping between December 25 and December 31 increased by 13% YOY. The best performing day after Christmas was December 30.




All in all, we saw great results across Europe during the Holiday Shopping Season. Let’s get into the details for each country and industry.


These countries in Europe showed the best results

As previously noted, the order value for Holiday Shopping in 2019 was up by 39% YOY across Europe. Nearly every country increased its order value in comparison to 2018. Especially the amazing growth of Italy (+107%), Spain (+63%) and Poland (+57%) needs to be emphasized.




The highest order value during Holiday Shopping was generated in Poland, the UK, and the Nordics. Together they add up to 60% of the total order value across all markets! Power shoppers once again came from Poland with increased order value by 57% YOY and increased sales by 97% YOY. Whilst the UK grew by a remarkable 84% YOY in the number of sales, the Nordics grew by 15% YOY in their number of sales.
In terms of mobile sales, many markets are catching up with the early adopters. The biggest increase in mobile sales during the Holiday Shopping Season 2019 compared to 2018 has been achieved in the UK (+245% YOY) and Poland (+87% YOY).


Which industries benefit the most

Looking at the best performing industries, the highest order values were reached by Shopping & Retail, Travel and Computers & Electronics – followed by Fashion and Health & Beauty. Shopping & Retail and Travel together shared 55% of the total order value across all industries. If we look at these specific industries, the strongest growth in order value can be observed in Health & Beauty by remarkable +169% YOY!




Key Industry Facts for the Holiday Shopping Season 2019

Shopping & Retail at a glance

Across Europe, we saw stable growth in the Shopping & Retail industry during the Holiday Season 2019. The number of sales increased by 56% YOY and order value by 31%. The AOV in Shopping & Retail declined from 55 EUR during Holiday Shopping 2018 to 46 EUR in 2019 across Europe – fairly close to the AOV across all industries (54 EUR). Smartphone AOV however increased by a remarkable 55% up to now 107 EUR in Shopping & Retail, compared to 67 EUR across all industries. Shopping & Retail was the main business driver during Holiday Shopping 2019 in Poland. The industry accounted for 66% of the total order value in Poland across all industries. In Italy,  the Shopping & Retail industry accounted for 68% across all industries.


Travel at a glance:



The average order value in Travel during Holiday Shopping 2019 increased by 23% up to 89 EUR. Smartphone AOV slightly decreased by 3% and reached an average of 232 EUR during December 2019, while across all industries it was only at 67 EUR. The travel industry was one of the main business drivers in Spain, generating 31% of the total order value across all industries in Spain.


Computers & Electronics at a glance:




The number of sales in Computers & Electronics increased by 19% YOY whilst mobile sales slightly decreased by 4%. The average order value decreased to 188 EUR, while the value across all industries was at a much lower level of 54 EUR. Smartphone AOV, however, increased to 142 EUR in Electronics, remaining higher than the Smartphone AOV across all industries with 67 EUR. Computer & Electronics accounted for 34% of the total order value across all industries in Spain and is the second mentioned business driver in Spain.


Best publisher models

Looking at the publisher models across Europe, the top seller Cashback/Loyalty clearly extended their lead 2019 with an impressive increase in order value of +27% YOY and accounted for 24% of the total order value of all models across Europe. Coupon/Discount-codes still grew their OV by +16% YOY and third party technology by an impressive +239% YOY.




Going into the details


Cashback/Loyalty showed an increased OV by 27% YOY and provided the highest number of sales amongst all publisher models (25% of the number of sales across all publisher models were generated by Cashback/Loyalty). Mobile Sales increased by 50% YOY. The smartphone  AOV for Cashback/Loyalty remained relatively stable at 79 EUR. The average order value decreased by 9% to 51 EUR, slightly lower than the AOV across all publisher models with 54 EUR.




Coupon/Discount codes increased their OV by 16% YOY and provided the second-highest number of sales. Mobile Sales grew by +40% YOY. Whilst the Smartphone AOV decreased slightly by 2% to now 72 EUR, the average order value increased by 12% up to now 70 EUR. Resulting in a higher smartphone average order value than across all publisher models (67 EUR).





Quick Facts Holiday Shopping 2019


Holiday Shopping

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