Holiday shopping 2018 increased by 26% YOY, Single’s Day even by 58%

When looking at our results for November and December 2018 we made some very interesting observations. The holiday shopping season in 2018 was again very successful for Tradedoubler! Order value between December 1 and 23, 2018 was up by 26% YOY across Europe! Poland again was the best performing country during this period with an increase in order value YOY of 116%, Italy increased by 59%, the Netherlands by 10% and Germany by 5%! A big shopping spike was noted on December 17.


Holiday Shopping (1)


After holiday shopping between December 25 and 31 was also very strong in 2018 and increased by 27% YOY. Best performing day after Christmas was December 27.


Holiday Shopping (2)


In 2018 Single’s Day has fully arrived in Europe! The tradition of celebrating the pride in being single on November 11 came from China. The date 11/11 was chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual who is alone. Over the past years Single’s Day has become one of the largest online and offline shopping days in the world. At Tradedoubler we generated almost 60% more order value for our customers on Single’s Day 2018 than the year before!


Holiday Shopping (3)


We already released our full report on Black Friday and Cyber Week 2018 results. While order value on Black Friday 2018 itself didn’t increase YOY, we saw that consumer shopping activities started substantially earlier and during the whole Cyber Week increased by 23% YOY across Europe. Especially strong growth was noted on day 2 and 3 prior to Black Friday.


Holiday Shopping (4)


So overall we see a substantial increase of the affiliate marketing business over the last couple of months and am sure this will be replicated for upcoming Valentine’s Day! Happy selling to all our advertisers, agencies and publishers!

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