Tradedoubler platform proves high reliability

Clients often praise the high reliability of our platform and technology. Our recent statistics attested an uptime rate for our platform of 99,999% over the last 12 months. This implies that our platform was down for less than 2 minutes during the whole year (or less than 1 second per day). This outstanding number was achieved due to the constant investment in our technology and the hard work of our excellent product development team, which we are very proud of!

While we continue to work on further improving this number, we are constantly adding new functionalities to our platform. As we recently announced, our product development teams are currently working on new APIs and interfaces for our advertiser and agencies. For our publishers the new interface will shortly be amplified with new features like multiple publisher user accounts and role-based access as well as visibility on average payment lead-time for each advertiser.

In our ambition to be the leading and most innovative European affiliate network, we are developing a modern, future looking, open platform for advertisers and publishers to connect and grow through Tradedoubler.

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