Health & Beauty Trend Report first half of 2019

Across Europe we saw a stable growth in the Health & Beauty industry of nearly 10 percent YOY in the first half of 2019. Last year’s lower February numbers have been compensated by the record numbers of this year’s Valentine’s Day. In our blog article Record numbers on Valentine’s Day we reported an increase of the number of sales of 49% across all industries.


Health and Beauty


While the AOV in Health & Beauty remained stable YOY at around 40 Euros, mobile sales in this vertical increased significantly from 20,4% in 2018 to an all-time high of 38,8% in the first half of 2019 across Europe. Some countries stood out especially: The Netherlands reached nearly 70% of mobile sales in Health & Beauty, followed by Germany and the UK with around 50%. Mobile sales across all industries on the contrary remained rather stable at around 20% YOY.


Health and Beauty


Conversion Rates in Health & Beauty  in Europe increased significantly, as well, from 1,9% in 2018 to 2,7% in the first half of 2019.


Health and Beauty


Power shoppers in Health & Beauty come from the UK!

While we saw substantial YOY increase in Health & Beauty order value in Poland (+211%) and Belgium (+42%) during the first half of 2019, these two countries still remain at a rather low level compared to their European peers. The biggest player in H1 2019 turned out to be the UK with an increase of 69% YOY, now accounting for more than 50% of the whole European order value in this segment!


Health and Beauty


Cashback/Loyalty and Coupons/Discount codes are leaving the others behind

Looking at the publisher models across Europe, the top sellers at the beginning of 2019 remained Cashback/Loyalty (40%) and Coupon/Discount codes (37%) who both increased their order value by around 20% and left the others like Reward and Price Comparison sites far behind.


Health and Beauty


But we noticed that markets are very different with regards to their split of OV between publisher models. Here’s a view on the top 3 publisher models by main market with their respective shares:

UK Cashback (44%) Coupons (41%) Reward (3%)
Sweden Cashback (57%) Coupons (23%) Reward (6%)
France Cashback (32%) Coupons (30%) Vertical sites (12%)
Germany Reward (33%) Coupons (31%) Cashback (9%)
Switzerland Coupons (55%) Reward (10%) Price comparison (10%)


Monday is Shopping Day

Looking at the weekday analysis for Health & Beauty, we see that Saturday is by far the weakest day. On Sunday order value is increasing and culminating in the week’s peak on Monday. Afterwards order value is slowly going down again.


Health and Beauty


Key facts for Health & Beauty across Europe at a glance:


Health and Beauty

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