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The corona pandemic has hit the travel industry hard. But not only Advertisers and Publishers have suffered losses, also consumers had to make cutbacks. The travel demand has decreased strongly. It is now more important than ever to adapt to the travel trends and offer consumers what they expect. For example the process of travelling is smooth, which is accelerated by digitalisation. That is why from the first research to the destination, almost everything now works digitally. Therefore, advertising must also adapt accordingly. But how can marketers do that?

Travel goes digital

The travel industry took advantage of digitalisation several years ago. Since then, it has been possible to book online. This change will continue to develop in the coming period. The pandemic has shown that much more is possible digitally than previously thought. For example, forms are now almost always filled out digitally.

That also makes digital advertising even more important. That is a fantastic advantage for Affiliate Marketing because it makes it easy to achieve the two major goals: brand building and increasing conversions. It doesn’t matter whether your company is small, medium or large – you will always profit with an affiliate programme.

Travel goes digital

Here are a few advantages:

  • cost-efficient – you only pay for service

  • Performance-oriented – partners want to perform well to generate revenue

  • Reach/awareness – you automatically provides more reach and awareness through your partner

  • Global – is achieved through an international partner

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