Firefox Update 102

Mozilla launched with its Browser Firefox the new update 102 with an option for restrictions of tracking activities. Now, the user has the opportunity to change his privacy settings from “standard” to “strict”. If a user changes to “strict”, some  tracking parameters are removed from the URLs. Learn everything you have to know about this update now!

Notice: Our technical experts have not  identified any problems in our network up to now!

The changes

Through the Browser version Firefox 102, the user has the opportunity to automatically remove tracking parameters from URLs with the privacy setting “strict”. Which parameters are affected is determined by Mozilla via a list that is not publicly visible.

During the changeover, Firefox explicitly warns that the new function can result in problems with the display or function of websites. We assume that this will keep users from making the change.

Firefox update

The impact

If a user has selected “strict” in their privacy settings and opens a new navigation event, the clicks cannot be correctly assigned due to the missing parameters.

Then analysis platforms have the problem of no longer being able to assign generated clicks to the corresponding partners and therefore register it direct traffic. 1st-party-tracking without fallback can also be affected if the required parameters are blocked by Firefox.

Keep attention

It is essential to keep attention to all tracking developments and prepare for the changes. Nevertheless, our technical experts are constantly monitoring this development and have not noticed any problems in our network up to now!

Important to know:

· Users have to change their privacy settings on their own to “strict”

· These are not standard users, they have no problem if the display or function of websites doesn’t work

· It can be assumed that they had already used other measures against online advertising and tracking, such as adblockers

· This update only affects 1st-party tracking, if parameters of affiliate networks are also filtered in the future

· With a current tracking implementation, additional methods such as server-to-server, cookieless or cross-device tracking are always active, they are not involved by the Firefox update

As always, we recommend that all partners use the latest version of our tracking to ensure they are best prepared for future tracking restrictions. In addition to 1st-party cookie tracking, this also contains fallback techniques such as server-to-server tracking.

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