The worldwide outage of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

On 4th October, as you know, the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp didn`t work for 6 hours. This “black time” felt like a gap on the internet. This shows how important social media has become for each of us.

User and the outage of Facebook

The reaction of the users was very balanced. Some were happy about the time out from social media (49%) – (for example to have more time for other things) – while others were annoyed (51%). But only a very small number would like to do without the networks forever.

It should be noted that 45 % got business damage. That shows how important these platforms have become as business or web portals. The fact that 80 % noticed the failure within the first few hours also shows the frequent use.

Since the outage did not affect the whole internet, but “only” Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, users switched to other networks. Among the top three were: Telegram, TikTok and Twitter. It is not yet known whether these social networks will become more popular in the future. But Facebook should keep in mind the competition is right next door because users also use other platforms. This means that advertising on other social networks is definitely profitable and reaches a lot of people.

Social media – the daily companion

Facebook outage

Whether as an advertising platform, business portal or pastime – no matter, social media is with us every day. That’s why the first action users did when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were part of the internet again is no special fact. Right – check the news and the feed.

And that is exactly what we do every day. That’s why social media portals are also perfect for advertising. You can reach several million people. With the help of targeting, the target group can be defined and there is no scattering loss.

Transparent communication with metapic

The biggest profit is achieved through cooperation with brands. So why not use all the possibilities? metapic is particularly suitable for this.

With metapic, Advertisers have the advantage of full transparent communication and numbers to monitor activities of influencers promoting the Brand. Content Creators who access the influencer performance agency will have the possibility to work and promote their favourite brands self-determined within the most natural way of advertising. Apart from that, metapic clients have several types of “Influencers” which are nowadays on social media. When thinking about Influencers everybody has specific names in mind. Today also communities or magazines, which handle and interact with certain topics on their profiles, are influencing their followers on several social media platforms.

Since social media marketing or user-generated content marketing is not only an awareness channel anymore, metapic combines both kinds of Influencers (organic and native influencers as we call them).

Start your programme with metapic now! Our experts will be happy to advise you >>

*Data basis was a self-created survey among Communication users
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