Expert Interview: All about metapic

With our influencer marketing platform metapic, you get access to over thousands of influencers, bloggers, online magazines, and more! Find out how this works and what you should know in our expert interview with Jana Stieler.


Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us something about your work at metapic?

Jana Stieler metapic
Jana Stieler, Senior Business Development Manager at metapic

Hey, I’m Jana. I have been interested in marketing since the beginning of my career. For me, marketing is like a puzzle. To run a successful campaign, you often need many pieces of the puzzle, which results in a big one.

Especially when we talk about user-generated content only or influencer marketing on social media, this puzzling is very important. Because the channel has its own rules, you have to make this area tangible and transparent for advertisers. Therefore, it is important to make this area tangible and transparent for advertisers – and this is where metapic takes over.

Can you please introduce metapic to us?

Metapic is a network where different brands and content creators can automatically work together and benefit from each other.

In fact, metapic can much more. It is also a management tool, monitoring platform, and agency. It is possible to see performance KPIs, manage campaigns in an easy and efficient way and gain access to a large network of brands and content creators.

In the future, metapic will also be able to manage the entire communication of both sides (advertiser and content creator) with our tool. In addition, we will be able to use an AI solution to automatically scout promising content creators or influencers for the brands and many other things.

All this works on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, blogs, Twitch, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.


What is unique about metapic? Where are the differences from other influencer marketing platforms?

Unique about metapic are clearly all the possibilities and tools. Advertisers and content creators always get a login to our platform to gain full transparency.

Here, our content creators are influencers, journalists, and community sites that deal with specific topics, magazines that have moved to the online world, and other partners who want to work with social media.


What can customers achieve through Tradedoubler and metapic?

The collaboration between metapic, advertisers, and content creators ensures excellent results with low risk. Additionally, we achieve high conversions and new customer rates for our brands. There is so much potential in the social media sector, and you shouldn’t miss out on influencer marketing with metapic in your marketing mix today.

Through the cooperation between Tradedoubler and metapic, advertisers can also benefit from Tradedoubler’s experience. Tradedoubler is an expert and powerful partner in secure tracking. That is where metapic benefits from many years of experience in performance marketing and tracking.

How to

Do you have some tips to start successfully with metapic? What is needed?

Social media is an awareness and inspiration channel. To use this as a performance marketing channel, you should test and invest for at least three months. Furthermore, we recommend working with this channel regularly.

A connection to metapic can be made possible directly via Tradedoubler or other affiliate networks. But note that we work at metapic generally on a CPC (cost per click) basis, but it is also possible to work with us via CPO.

Do you have best practices for successful performance at metapic for us?

I am so happy that we have already had many great success cases with our partners, and I am very proud of the team, our content creators, and our motivated advertisers.

Here are a few examples:

experts interview metapic

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