Dognet and Tradedoubler enter strategic cooperation for pan-European expansion


Warsaw, 18th June 2020 – Tradedoubler announced today the co-operation with Dognet.


The affiliate network Dognet, a stable CEE network, extends its opportunities whilst expanding clients into the west and north of Europe. Early in the year, Dognet agreed upon a strategic co-operation with Tradedoubler, who operate in more than 15 Western and Northern European countries. Tradedoubler serves over 2,000 campaigns via 180,000 publishers in more than 80 countries worldwide.


Advantages of the cooperation

“Tradedoubler is the most established affiliate network in Western Europe and Poland, however, they have a reduced presence in countries such as the Czechia, Slovakia or Hungary,” says Dávid Puha, Head of Business Development at Dognet, who oversees co-operation. This cooperation allows them to further expand on those existing territories.

‘’This cooperation will bring new markets for our advertisers where it can use the potential of affiliate marketing: We are highly pleased with the co-operation. We had been looking for a partner for the markets which we cannot efficiently cover. In Dognet we have found a strong teammate who will help us. We will also gladly provide opportunities to their advertisers who are looking for a way to the west or north of Europe.” describes Artur Michalak, Client Development Director Poland & CEE at Tradedoubler.

Dognet’s advertisers will be able to expand westward through a strong network as well: “we feel that our clients do lack presence in Western Europe,” states Roman Dobiáš, Country Manager Dognet Czechia. “The cooperation with Tradedoubler addresses this issue. In 2020, we will be able to provide our advertisers with new outlets without having to build a base of publishers.’’


Bilateral cooperation

Dognet will be accepting campaigns from Tradedoubler’s system and providing them to its publishers. Within this co-operation is the representation for the Balkan countries such as Slovenia and Croatia which Dognet opens this year. Accordingly, if Dognet’s Advertisers launch a campaign that can be better covered by Tradedoubler, they will be able to accept that campaign through Dognet.

“An Advertiser will only launch a campaign in Dognet and we will take care of the rest. They do not need to deal with other networks,” adds Dávid Puha.


Advantages to publishers

“A publisher will have everything within their administration. They will not be limited in any way whatsoever, they do not have to sign up to another network and thus they will gain easy access to new, global campaigns,” describes Petronela Pivarčiová, Country Manager for Slovakia at Dognet. ‘’Furthermore, the network publishers will obtain favourable conditions and will be working in the network environment they are already used to and know about.’’ The campaigns accepted from Dognet will be accessible in our system to thousands of publishers that Dognet does not have.

“We’ll definitely help Dognet’s advertisers just like Dognet will help us. Both sides will win over new publishers in the markets in which they do not primarily operate,” concludes Artur Michalak, Client Development Director Poland & CEE at Tradedoubler.

The strategic and technical co-operation will bring Dognet new opportunities for advertisers and publishers and provides both parties with significant merits for the e-shops that they represent.


About Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler is an international leader in performance-based digital marketing and technology powering a unique network of connections. Combining 20 years of digital marketing innovation and expertise, global presence and a market leading technology platform, Tradedoubler offers tailored performance solutions for advertisers and publishers. Founded in Sweden in 1999, Tradedoubler pioneered affiliate marketing in Europe and has since developed its offering to include actionable data driven insights and User Journey tracking thanks to its proprietary business intelligence tool. In 2019 the company released an open technology platform enabling automated and transparent direct relationships between advertisers and publishers using blockchain technology for the storage of data. Among Tradedoubler’s advertisers are Accor, Microsoft Store, HP, and CDON. The share is listed on Nasdaq OMX on the Stockholm Exchange. More information can be found on


About Dognet
Dognet is an independent affiliate network with a strong presence in the market of Central and Eastern Europe. They currently run almost 600 campaigns in their network throughout the CEE region and have more than 4,500 partners. Dognet has started in 2013, since then they have generated over 1,200,000 conversions for their customers and have paid out over 4,000,000 euro commissions to their partners. The priority for the network is the development and education of the market, they regularly organise various networking events for their partners and clients, issue book publications and make sure that the campaigns are as effective as possible for all parties involved. Their advertisers include Decathlon, Alza, Möbelix and other major online stores in the region. For more information please visit


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