Cross-channel tracking with Tradedoubler’s white-label solution

Digital channels such as affiliate, display campaigns, social media, mobile, SEM and SEO are producing an increasing amount of data and digital marketers are struggling to analyse, track and optimize each online marketing channel.

In the last few years, performance marketing trends have highlighted that an increasing number of customers and agencies are striving to directly manage their partners through the use of platforms while always keeping full overview over all their campaigns.

Tradedoubler provides a single solution that allows you to manage and analyse all of the customer’s online marketing activities, in order to implement the best strategies to achieve the objectives and optimize the ROI. Tradedoubler’s technology allows the customer to track and deduplicate all of its channels, preventing the same order from being attributed to multiple traffic sources.

In this way the customer pays the correct source and avoids paying for duplicated transactions. The attribution model is also often associated with the concept of deduplication, as it determines which source to attribute the transaction to. The most used is the “last click”, which provides for the allocation of 100% of the order to the last source of traffic.

Benefits of cross-channel tracking with our white-label solution:

  1. Flexibility, integration and customization: the solution is designed for all companies that need to integrate, deduplicate and use information from numerous channels, managing autonomously the tools that will help to monitor and optimize activities.

  2. Cost reduction: managing key partners in-house, saving costs and time

  3. Direct payments to partners: possibility to directly assign commissions to partners all over the world in the currency of their choice

  4. Optimization and consolidation of activities: using our platform you will be sure that digital marketing activities are optimized, deduplicated, understandable and provide clear results / information for the business

  5. Real time info: it is possible to access all the reports through a reporting API, in this way it becomes possible to integrate the output in your internal systems, for example CRM

  6. Increase in ROI: promotes efficiency through access to all activities from a single interface and self-configuration

Thanks to our proprietary technology platform, we provide customers with a global, accurate and reliable tracking tool that works for all devices, even when cookies are not present.

Using our Business Intelligence platform we can provide full customised reports and also import external data (i.e. spend data from Facebook or Google Ads as well as on-site data from Analytics). This will help the customer to analyse performance, monitor the main KPIs (impressions, unique visitors, post-click and post-impression clicks, sales post clicks and post impressions, order value, conversion rate, etc.), allowing them to make strategic decisions based on ROI.

Online Tracking is performed via a tracking pixel (cookie-based) that can take advantage of our First Party Cookie solution. In the event that a user disables cookies, it is possible to trace the combination of IP address and browser version, for a time window of 4 hours. It is also possible to carry out tracking in batch mode by providing us with an XML file that shows the list of conversions to be imported automatically within the system (also suitable for offline activities, for example couponing).

In addition to this, since 2016, Tradedoubler has begun to measure cross-device conversions: it is a solution that creates an anonymous connection between a user and his devices, using deterministic correspondence, to avoid missed tracking or erroneous attributions in a multi-device ecosystem.

Moreover, through our Business Intelligence solution, we provide complete visibility on the performance of all digital activities and where you have the opportunity to view in detail the “user journey” of you customers.


This article was written by Luca Virani, Head of Technology,  and Giuseppe Salvia, Client Development Manager, in Tradedoubler’s Milan office.

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