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Content is King – This applies to you if you want to address your customers at the beginning of the customer journey and successfully support them until the end of the purchase decision process. We will show you what Content2Commerce is, why this performance channel should be an important part of your Omnichannel Marketing strategy, and how to implement your Content2Commerce campaign with our Performance Group experts!

What is Content2Commerce?

Content2Commerce is a conversion strategy that describes the partnership between a brand and a media publisher that aims to create relevant content for the target group. This content informs, entertains, and motivates the reader and has a specific action as its goal (e.g. sale, sign-up, link click). By providing appropriate content, the customer experience is improved, as well as increasing the probability of a sale (or other action).

The particular thing about Content2Comerce is that you can cover the entire customer journey of your customers through suitable formats and partners and support them from awareness, through interest and desire, to action.


The importance of Content2Commerce

In recent years, consumer shopping behaviour has changed significantly. Customers are buying more consciously, taking more time to decide what to buy, and actively seeking information about the brand and product during the buying decision process. As a brand, you should ensure that your potential customers find relevant content about you and your products. And this is where Content2Commerce comes in.

The advantages of Content2Commerce campaigns:

· Target your audience at the beginning of their buying decision process
· Generate traffic based on real interest in your brand and products
· Increase customer engagement with interactive and easy content
· Present your brand in a trusted environment (Premium Media Publisher)
· Improve your SEO ranking and push your online presence
· Differentiate yourself from your competition by taking up new digital trends
· Increase your conversions and win new customers

C2C with the Performance Group by Tradedoubler

In cooperation with our premium media partners, we get the most out of every Content2Commerce campaign by placing your C2C campaign in the right environment to appeal to your target group.

Do you want to learn more about Content2Commerce with the Performance Group by Tradedoubler, or start your C2C campaign now? Then get in touch with our C2C experts here >>

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