How consumer behaviour affects eCommerce

Two years ago, the world was still in lockdown. The new motto was “stay at home”, this in turn has rapidly changed the consumer behaviour. High street shops closing led consumers to purchase more online. Therefore, the global eCommerce have seen an increase in sales. Seeing such a high increase in online shoppers, the expectations grew higher.

How did the consumer behaviour change?

According to the published forecast from Statista, in 2022, the global eCommerce sales will increase almost twice as much compared to 2019. That shows that the pandemic has shifted consumer behaviour to more online shopping.

So what can we expect to happen after the pandemic? Will people shop less online and return to physical stores? The Statista forecast predicts otherwise. From today to 2025, there will be a 50% growth in eCommerce sales worldwide. This shift brings many new opportunities to improve the online shopping experience.

Use the change in consumer behaviour as an benefit

It is essential to make the user journey attractive and simple for consumers in the future. This in turn means that online shopping is easier and better keeping that customer as an online shopper.

There are already many methods for this, starting with the exclusive newsletter, coupons and personalized pop-ups.

So now, we have a unique way for your customers to shop online: Live video shopping. Here, users can watch your wonderful, exciting, or even tasty products while making the desired purchase with just one click without even leaving the stream.

Through this experience, you will build a closer connection with your target audience and can connect them to your company.

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