Tradedoubler Connection Day 2022

On 12 October 2023 was our regular Tradedoubler Connection Day, with the theme #Connect #Inspire #Grow – Performance Marketing 2022. The event was organised by our Polish team to meet, talk and make plans for the coming years.

Connection Day 2022

The Tradedoubler Connection Day in October 2022 took place in a modern wine bar in Poland. We welcomed many key clients, business partners and publishers such from Poland and CEE region. as

Also, Onbaz, where we have invested with our subsidiary Metapic, was visiting and presenting the new exciting topic of live video shopping.

And our new brand identity for app marketing – Appiness, presented the value of app marketing.

The agenda

· Is it possible to grow an affiliate program continuously for 15 years? – Bonprix program presentation

· empik – The best affiliate program in 2021

· Presentations by several publishers e.g.

· Analysis of traffic from Instagram Stories – 5 indicators relevant to eCommerce – metapic

· The value of app marketing – Appiness

· redbrain CSS – A strategic partner for eCommerce. eCommerce trends in Q4

· Live video shopping – The future of eCommerce – Onbaz

Thank you!

We want to say thank you to all our guests. It was a fantastic, substantial, and valuable event with performance marketing experts. We are already looking forward to the next Tradedoubler Connection Day organised by our team in Poland.

TDPL Connection Day 2022
Łukasz Szymula, Country Manager CEE & Poland

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